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to think “The irony!!”

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Ohmother Fri 11-Jan-19 19:42:30

Went in to a supersize well known DIY store. In the loo the tap was dripping and there were ugly holes in the tiles where hand driers had been removed from the walls and to finish it off a none matching green framed long mirror.

Then we went to a large supermarket cafe who couldn’t provide what I wanted as they’d run out of salmon steaks. ?

Is it me?

sodapop Fri 11-Jan-19 19:51:25

No its not you Ohmother all retail outlets seem to be having a downturn and it shows.

M0nica Fri 11-Jan-19 20:45:08

Most retail stores are having a hard time of it at present. The first economy is to cut down on maintenance and repairs.

On the food side, Most stores know on average what the consumption of a particular food will be each day and food hygiene rules often mean that if they over estimate demand, what is left at the end of the day has to be thrown out, so rather than over order for the high demand days - then throw a lot of food away. They will order for the average day and accept on some days they will run out. In fact their aim will be to run out of everything by the end of the day.

What time did you go to the cafe, bearing in mind that demand for fish dishes peaks on a Friday?

Ohmother Fri 11-Jan-19 21:03:16

We were there at 11:45 MOnica

M0nica Sat 12-Jan-19 14:59:06

Perhaps the delivery was delayed grin

Spangles1963 Fri 08-Feb-19 17:45:13

Yes,I've had this too. I asked for fish,chips and peas in a Tesco cafe (attached to a massive Tesco Extra) and was told 'Sorry, we've run out of peas'. I thought,is it beyond the capabilities of someone from the cafe to fetch a bag of peas from the store?!