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Anja Sun 07-Apr-19 08:06:55

I hate these ‘verifications’ as the pictures are too small and blurry. I can ‘tick’ those I think contain crossings, or traffic signals, or storefronts or cars, etc but must have missed something because then I get another, and another and yet another.

Is it me? They drive me mad.

Baggs Sun 07-Apr-19 08:08:48

There is a new kind where you just tick a box. Nae bother.

Anja Sun 07-Apr-19 08:11:27

That’s not the point Baggs ...I’m complaining about the other kind.

BlueBelle Sun 07-Apr-19 08:12:50

Anja I m with you they are very small and blurry and really hard to distinguish especially when they say something American like all the pictures with a sidewalk yesterday I had all the pictures with a hill but some were quite an obscure hill barely a slope
There’s got to be a better way

maryeliza54 Sun 07-Apr-19 08:13:37

Yes Anja I often have to have more than one go - it’s impossible on my phone. The tick box is fine but isn’t a new kind, both types exist but the picture ones seem to be increasing ime. My heart sinks when they pop up-

Anja Sun 07-Apr-19 08:14:40

Just had one on a GN competition.

Bellanonna Sun 07-Apr-19 09:07:33

They’re hard to see, aren’t they, I had one with bridges but obviously didn’t see them all. I prefer the squashed letters/numbers thing

Witzend Sun 07-Apr-19 09:11:10

Agreed. Blurry and always American buses, etc.
I can usually manage but I really don't like them. But at least it's always on my iPad - on a phone I think I'd give up.

EllanVannin Sun 07-Apr-19 09:34:11

I gave up on those things which are on a loop as you don't get anywhere with them. Verifications my eye ! Annoyances more like. I could never get into my old Yahoo mail account because of those.

MamaCaz Sun 07-Apr-19 09:41:37

I hate that type too, Anja.
Luckily, I haven't had them many times, but like you, have had occasions where one picture has led to another, then another etc.

The Gransnet sort is bad enough - I don't know if it's because of my tablet, but having ticked the box, there is a long pause before it starts to respond, making me think that I haven't clicked properly. But at least there are no picture tests!

MamaCaz Sun 07-Apr-19 09:43:59

I've just read your OP again - are you saying that you have had a picture verification on a Gransnet competition? If so, which was it? I must have missed it as I haven't had one of these on Gransnet yet!

MamaCaz Sun 07-Apr-19 09:46:32

Sorry - i've just looked again and see it wasn't your OP where you said that.

Oh for an edit button!

BlueBelle Sun 07-Apr-19 10:04:10

I do really poorly on the squashed letter variety too and often give up as I m sure I m typing in what is there but no up pops a new one

Charleygirl5 Sun 07-Apr-19 10:46:11

Try seeing them when one has a visual impairment! I give up.

Maggiemaybe Sun 07-Apr-19 11:02:39

I was ranting about one just yesterday that wouldn’t let me in to a Mumsnet draw - I obviously failed to identify all the crosswalks, probably because I wasn’t sure which they were. I haven’t seen them yet on Gransnet - something to look forward to then.

nanaK54 Sun 07-Apr-19 11:04:37

With you all the way, I find them really difficult

Maggiemaybe Tue 09-Apr-19 16:36:47

Well, I've just entered the Joanne Harris draw, and up popped the CAPTCHA picture. The first time I've seen it on Gransnet. It was so dark and blurred I couldn't make a thing out, let alone the traffic lights I was asked for. I just made a random stab at two of the squares and was allowed through anyway.

Nonnie Tue 09-Apr-19 17:17:23

I feel the same.