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Can't believe dh just said this!

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Witzend Tue 30-Apr-19 10:17:14

He's just been on the phone to a niece from abroad, who's at boarding school here (sixth form) which happens to be in the same city where a dd lives.
Poor niece is not feeling well at all - very bad cold getting worse, high temp, just waiting to see a GP at school.

We (as official guardians here) are unfortunately away for a week from tomorrow, and Dh has just suggested that she could go and stay at dd's - and dd has had to go away for last minute emergency work last night, for a week - and son in law is left with full time work plus a just 4 and a still only 2 to see to, get up, dress, take to nursery/pre school, pick up again, feed, bath, put to bed, etc.

The last thing SiL needs is anyone sick passing on bugs to him and the Gdcs!!! Let alone being at all responsible for looking after her.
Can't believe dh could be so utterly stupid and thoughtless!

I very much doubt they'd let her go anyway, even though they know she's stayed there before (she does enjoy staying there) - I'm sure they will look after her very well at school.
He really does take the biscuit sometimes!

Poppyred Tue 30-Apr-19 10:37:19

Men! They just don’t think do they! ??

Wobbles Tue 30-Apr-19 11:16:47

My ExH used to say "If women had brains they'd be dangerous" .
My reply was "And if men had common sense the world would be a better place"

Alexa Tue 30-Apr-19 13:35:39

You are in loco parentis?

glammanana Tue 30-Apr-19 13:43:15

What would you do with them ??
I'm sure your niece will be well looked after at school by the medics there and at 16ish she will certainly understand why it is unwise for her to stay at your DDs house,maybe she can stay after the week is out and recoupe when I think some schools will be on half term if I am correct,lets hope she is feeling better soon.

Sara65 Tue 30-Apr-19 13:48:52

Sounds like my husband! If there’s a way of making a simple situation complicated! !!!!

Anja Tue 30-Apr-19 16:23:50

When I was poorly at boarding school I was moved to sick bay and well looked after by Matron. Nobody should have to drop everything as the school has organised a GP visit and they ought to have something like this well covered.

Nonnie Tue 30-Apr-19 16:41:56

Boarding schools have perfectly good sick bays with qualified staff to look after anyone who is sick. There will be others who have come from abroad and there will be a good system. After all it sounds like a simple virus which she probably caught at school so no need to spread it further.

If your DH is anything like mine he just speaks without thinking of the implications. We had an email from DS yesterday asking us to proof read something for him. DH asked me what it was, what it meant, who was going to see it etc. I tried to tell him that I had the identical email but he wasn't listening.

Witzend Tue 30-Apr-19 17:54:24

Yale, Alexa, we are in loco parentis - her parents are both based a good 11 hour flight away so there had to be someone to have her for exeats, half terms, to contact in an emergency, etc.
Normally not a problem at all - we arrange things so that we're here when she's likely to need us.
It's a lovely school and generally she's settled in very well..

Callistemon Tue 30-Apr-19 18:08:42

Boarding schools have perfectly good sick bays with qualified staff to look after anyone who is sick.
What Nonnie said.
DH remembers being stuck in the sick bay at boarding school when everyone else had gone off on holiday.
He still bears the scars - where he tried to pick off chicken pox spots so he could go home.

Starlady Wed 01-May-19 22:01:45

"If your DH is anything like mine he just speaks without thinking of the implications.:

That's what I was thinking. Imo, some men just try to solve the problem, and are in too much of a hurry to do so to think it through. I'm sure dh meant well.

Hope your niece is feeling better soon!

Meanwhile, kudos to sil!

merlotgran Wed 01-May-19 22:29:26

Our sick bay was called the san'. All very Enid Blyton. Matron looked like Joan Collins (as she is today) and I remember being under the impression you'd get ice cream for tonsillitis. I got burnt toast!