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Moving home.

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Pammie1 Sat 08-Jun-19 10:21:08

AIBU to be Livid. Moving home in about two weeks - contracts will be exchanged next week so moving date is not yet confirmed. Solicitor advises waiting for confirmation before contacting utilities etc.

Got email from Sky last night headed ‘sorry you are leaving us’ which said that my sky tv service, broadband and phone would be switched off on a certain date - date coincided with proposed unconfirmed completion date, but no mention of moving home, just that I had requested to leave Sky services. Which I had not.

Rang Sky and was on the phone over an hour trying to sort it all out. During the conversation I found out that my buyer took it on himself to notify his provider that he would be moving in to this property on that date, and in turn his provider notified Sky, who initiated closure of my account.

I’m furious with Sky (reflected in the difficult conversation with them last night) for taking this action without checking with me first. The moving date is unconfirmed, has already changed twice and could easily do so again. As things stand I cannot change the cut off date for phone and broadband so if date changes I will be left without these services, and I have been forced to initiate moving the services to the new property before I am ready.

In these days of internet fraud I am astounded that this can happen without so much as a phone call to the account holder. Am wondering if he will do the same with other services, so will contact estate agent today to try to stop him, but am wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience. Also thinking of changing tv/phone and broadband provider. Any advice please.

Starlady Sat 08-Jun-19 10:56:25

No advice (sorry), but just sorry you're having this problem! I don't blame you for being furious! I hope things work out soon.

TwiceAsNice Sat 08-Jun-19 10:57:36

I am amazed that this can happen through a third party and even more amazed that they are saying they can’t reverse it. They have no problem in putting up the price on the same services I am paying quite a bit more for the same package as the end of last year but can’t face the thought if the phone call to protest. Sorry I digress I would definitely contact solicitor before he phoned utilities as well, J hope it all works out for you

GrandmaMoira Sat 08-Jun-19 10:58:19

It sounds very wrong of Sky to close your account at the request of someone else. I'm also surprised as they generally make it very difficult to close an account.
With BT I was surprised at how difficult it was to organise closing my old account an opening a new one. I had to pay quite a lot for mobile data as I was without broadband or landline for a couple of weeks.
With so much else to think of with moving house I didn't change providers.

petra Sat 08-Jun-19 17:50:36

No ifs, buts. Tell sky where they can stick their package. I can't believe your even contemplating staying with them.
That is of course unless they offer you an amazing deal, and it has to be good.
This is where people need my OH. He absolutely screws these people into the ground. He treats it like a sport.
There have been times when I've nearly felt sorry for Virgin grin

HildaW Sat 08-Jun-19 17:58:43

Oh the joys of moving your energies. No point getting angry - just vote with your feet and use another provider.
We have had great fun getting the credit back from one of our energy suppliers....somewhere along the line they decided we were renting our property - not the owners. Its been great fun explaining to David (with a very heavy Indian accent)....nothing wrong with being Indian its just the pretense that gets me, that we have sold the house and were never renting!