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Profiteering Car Dealers

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Deedaa Fri 28-Jun-19 21:56:59

A while ago we had a problem with my car's accelerator. As we had only had it for four months I took it back to the main dealer that we bought it from. The verdict was that they had run all their tests and couldn't find anything wrong (A mere £100 for this investigation) However the front brake pads and discs were 80% worn and the handbrake cable was stretched. Replacing all this would be £750!

I spoke to the chap who normally fixes our cars and he said "How much???" When I took the car into him he said the brakes were fine and didn't even charge me for looking at them. The dealer had MOTd the car when I bought it and there was no advisory note about the brakes. Our chap said he finds this happens all the time, and the bigger the dealer the more likely they are to do this sort of thing.

crazyH Fri 28-Jun-19 22:11:01

Very bad after-sale-service. The reason why we choose to buy used cars from dealers, is because we trust them to look after us. Did they give you some sort of warranty? Usually it's about 3 months. And why did they charge you £100 for a check. Ridiculous!! If I were you, I would make a call to the CAB. Good luck !!

J52 Fri 28-Jun-19 23:01:05

I bought an almost new car from a national reputable dealer, no problem. I took it back for 9 month later and 2000 miles a first MOT, to be advised it would require in the near future disc brakes replaced and possibly two new tyres!
I replaced the tyres a year later and MOT’d at a different garage and no mention has ever been made of the disc brakes.
It’s a con. They think they’ got you as a repeat customer, especially if you’ve female.

cornergran Sat 29-Jun-19 08:07:06

We had the same with a main dealer a couple of years after purchasing one of their demonstrator cars. Found it impossible to believe so took the car elsewhere and were assured there was no issue with the brakes. I truly wish we’d made a formal complaint but we were just relieved all was well. We didn’t use that main dealer again.

glammanana Sat 29-Jun-19 08:15:38

We have only taken our car back to the dealership where it was bought from for the services which keep the warranty valid,after that we use our trusty local garage who if we have any problems will inspect free of charge for us,thats why he is sought after and busy.

Amagran Sat 29-Jun-19 09:13:58

Buying a second hand car is sooo stressful, as is finding a reliable and trustworthy repair garage. We are lucky in our small town to have one and also a tyre and exhaust garage (no, not the national misspelt chain which tried and failed to butt in and supposedly undercut). It is called *****Tyre Services and service is indeed what they give. They are honest about how much tread is left 'you've got another 500 miles or so on those front tyres', they check tyre pressures for free in between changes and are never patronising.

ninathenana Sat 29-Jun-19 09:43:51

My man that looked after my cars for 20+ yrs and worked out of a barn on a local farm has recently retired ??
I've yet to find somewhere as good and cheap.

Deedaa Sat 29-Jun-19 20:22:05

crazyH Naturally it was just outside the 3 month warranty they had generously (!) given us. I'm afraid I was so gobsmacked by the £750 quote that I felt I had got away lightly by just handing over the £100.