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Lilylavender Thu 03-Oct-19 11:55:13

I am MOG this saturday i bought a shift dress and jacket dress comes just below knee as I am short and dont want long. I am concerned as it has a back split. Not really hogh but being over 60 and my sons wedding I fee a tad incomfortable about it. My shoes are wedge so not heels
Would anyone have a problem with this

Nansnet Wed 09-Oct-19 03:58:47

I think the last few posters were a bit late to the party ... the wedding was on Sat 5th Oct, as stated in the OPsmile

Hope you had a wonderful day Lilylavender!

wiggys52 Mon 07-Oct-19 05:45:04

Lilylavender your outfit sounds wonderful. Wear it and enjoy the day. Also any photographs will only (normally) show the front, so don't worry about the split. I will also be a MOG in a couple of months and have bought a sleeveless dress as it will be very hot where we live. I have also bought a silk shawl to wear to cover the upper arm area as my upper arms aren't what they used to be!! (actually the rest of me isn't what it used to be either.) Having had three daughters marry I think this will be the most relaxed, as I have learnt that the eyes will be on the bride and groom not the guests. Have a fabulous time.

Tea3 Sat 05-Oct-19 16:15:13 probably decide how high you are happy to show a bit of back leg before sewing on buttons!

Tea3 Sat 05-Oct-19 16:13:49

I've had another thought:-
*if the facings/fold of material are quite wide on the reverse side of the split then sew on two flat buttons about an inch from each edge(out of sight when wearing anyway).
*spread the split open just to the point of gaping.
*decide how high you are happy to show a bit of back leg.
*cut to length a wide..ish piece of elastic to reach slightly beyond each button and across the split when spread.
*cut two slits at each end of elastic for button holes and button elastic across split.
I'm thinking the elastic will prevent split from gaping further than wanted but help with movement (can be unbuttoned if needs be for loo purposes!)

Norah Sat 05-Oct-19 15:32:48

Consider asking your seamstress stitch the back closed. If the slit bothers you there may be a reason worthy to explore.

Baggs Sat 05-Oct-19 12:20:04

But, summerlove, in the OP's concern about the outfit the state of her legs was highly relevant. Why would she ask for responses on GN otherwise?

What we wear to special occasions is always about the body inside the outfit as well as the outfit. A little gentle advice about discretion is not about shaming but about enhancing the whole image, how the outfit sits on/exposes/enhances the body included. Details matter which is why, I suspect, the OP asked.

Hope you all have a wonderful day, Lilyl. Might we see a photo or two of you in your outfit afterwards, perhaps?

MawB Sat 05-Oct-19 12:13:21

I wouldn’t shame other women’s bodies

Oh puh-leaze!

Where does the “other women” come in?
People in general, if you want my honest opinion.
There are other body parts which are not necessarily a thing of beauty (both genders!) but how vanilla to say one is not allowed to say so. .

Greenfinch Sat 05-Oct-19 12:05:03

I thought of this one too Auntieflo.

Auntieflo Sat 05-Oct-19 11:23:09

I must admit to not knowing what MOG was! until explained a bit up thread.

Summerlove Sat 05-Oct-19 02:02:28

The original question asked about the outfit.

Not body parts.

I’d keep it about the outfit.

I wouldn’t shame other women’s bodies.

MawB Fri 04-Oct-19 23:54:42

If asked for an opinion, what do you suggest then summerlove ?

Summerlove Fri 04-Oct-19 22:37:05

Gosh, some of these comments are shocking

How have we still not learned how rude it is to comment on others bodies.

dont show knees!
dont have veins!

The horror

sodapop Fri 04-Oct-19 20:57:09

Mother of the Groom BlueBelle another abbreviation for us to get to know.

MawB Fri 04-Oct-19 20:50:36

I remember my mum saying that one of the most unattractive parts of the body is the back of the knees . So unless you have very slim legs and thighs I would say dont expose them

BlueBelle Fri 04-Oct-19 20:41:33

What’s a MOG sounds really painful

trisher Fri 04-Oct-19 20:20:33

I'm feeling a bit "gran mode" tonight and just been reading "Mog" stories to DGS couldn't think why you would be dessing as a cat!!! Sorry Lilylavender. Sure your outfiit is great and you will be fine. 63 is no age. Wait till you see some of the skirts younger women are wearing!

Summerlove Fri 04-Oct-19 20:06:25

Sounds like a very appropriate outfit!

I hope you have a great time

Tea3 Fri 04-Oct-19 20:02:49

Experiment with putting in a discreet pin or even stitch to make slit shorter?

Hetty58 Fri 04-Oct-19 19:12:43

Wear thick tights? Are the backs of your knees and thighs attractive? Have you checked? I don't like seeing exposed veins!

GabriellaG54 Fri 04-Oct-19 19:04:36

Wear the dress back to front. That'll give onlookers an eyeful. 😲😂🤣

Lilylavender Thu 03-Oct-19 13:13:12

Not sure if that would draw more attention to it

BradfordLass72 Thu 03-Oct-19 12:56:15

You could wear a lacy slip underneath if you really felt uncomfortable.

Lilylavender Thu 03-Oct-19 12:52:16

Thats what hubby says but when I,put my hand into the gap I feel,my thigh. Just feeeling aware of it I think. I am not going to,walk about much anyway lol

Maggiemaybe Thu 03-Oct-19 12:46:59

It sounds perfect. Have a lovely day. thanks

midgey Thu 03-Oct-19 12:33:55

Don’t worry, you won’t be able to see it! grin Hope you all have a great day.