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tanith Mon 18-Nov-19 19:15:13

Just read that she opening an online shop selling home wares and fashion. Seems she isn’t averse to selling clutter even though her whole ethos was to clear clutter not add to it.


TwiceAsNice Mon 18-Nov-19 19:21:58

I just think she’s weird! Life is too short to do all she advocates ( it’s all a bit OCD) and you don’t have to have loads of clutter but some interesting things that mean something to you is just a nice home isn’t it, with a bit of personality on show

DoraMarr Mon 18-Nov-19 19:42:08

I read her book and it made a lot of sense. It helped me when I was downsizing from the family home- both practically and emotionally. It isn’t just about clutter. She isn’t selling clutter either, she’s selling things we might want. Clutter is when you have too much of a lot of things that you don’t actually use or like. If you buy a vase and a dress from her line, because you really like them and will enjoy using them, you are not cluttering. It’s the things you buy in the sale that you don’t really like when you get them home, that languish in the back of your wardrobe, and the piles of magazines you never re-read, and the mugs you never use, the ornaments your mother in law gave you that you don’t like, these things are clutter. She just says don’t keep things that you don’t like, or are not useful.

Callistemon Mon 18-Nov-19 19:53:27

I am flabbergasted.

DD tells me that she has been Marie Kondoing for days and is absolutely shattered! I daren't tell her that she is now selling junk homewares!

M0nica Mon 18-Nov-19 19:53:46

Clutter always starts with someone buying something they are convinced they will use or like- and that may or may not be so - . It becomes clutter, when, having outlived its usefulness of likeableness, you then do not immediately dispose of it, but put it away just in case.

I am not a minimalist, my home is comfortably filled with books, but every room has empty drawers and cupboards because I just do not 'do' clutter.

FlexibleFriend Mon 18-Nov-19 20:24:41

The only clutter I have ever had to deal with was stuff left by 2 ex husbands and 2 sons leaving home and leaving stuff behind. Both sons eventually agreed to me disposing of their stuff and the ex husbands never knew what happened to theirs. My first ex Husband once asked for something he needed 15 years after he left and I found it. The 2nd ex was told by my son when he inquired about something after a few years that it had all gone to the tip, which it had. The first ex was eventually informed by my other son that he was taking the piss thinking I should still give house room and space to his crap, he muttered but took it quite well apparently. I personally don't do clutter so it's a bit ironic I've had to deal with so much of it.

Alima Mon 18-Nov-19 20:43:28

I think she is a businesswoman who has found her niche market. Those who follow her de cluttering mantra will probably buy the stuff she sells.

BradfordLass72 Mon 18-Nov-19 21:29:12

Those who follow her de cluttering mantra will probably buy the stuff she sells

I'm just wondering if that makes sense! smile

I didn't need a book, or advice, to de-clutter. I simply gave away those things I didn't use. need or wear.
Simple - but then, I am.

tanith Tue 19-Nov-19 16:15:40

One of her items is a tuning fork with quartz crystal, apparently the tuning fork enhances the healing properties cost £58 ?

welbeck Tue 19-Nov-19 16:20:11

she helps her devotees de=clutter by giving a home to their spare money, so it doesn't make the place untidy.
I'm sure more handy tips and directions will shortly follow.

BlueBelle Tue 19-Nov-19 17:13:05

Never heard of the woman is she someone important am I missing a lot ?

DoraMarr Tue 19-Nov-19 17:16:02

Well, all I can say, after reading her book, is that she gives some very helpful advice. I found it very helpful when I was moving from the family home of 30+ years to an apartment. It made the whole task less daunting, and for that I am grateful. I still keep my home clutter- free and tidy following her principles. Anyone is free to read her book and follow her advice, or not. My home isn’t minimalist, I would probably never buy a quartz- embellished tuning fork, but it’s a free country.....

Callistemon Tue 19-Nov-19 18:13:35

Bluebelle her book on decluttering was featured on GN a while ago.

BlueBelle Tue 19-Nov-19 18:29:54

Ahh well missed that but don’t need it most of my stuff comes from recycling or charity shops and goes back where it came from ??

petra Tue 19-Nov-19 19:34:02

found her niche market how true!!!
It's hardly rocket science is it? If you don't use it, if it's not beautiful to look at, if it's cluttering up drawers and cupboards: dump it !!!

I know that when the 2 of us shuffle off this mortal coil there will be no papers to be sorted ( only important ones)
I know the girls covet most of our pictures and furniture, lamps and mirrors. There's not a lot of china and it's all white, no patterns in my kitchen ?

I know one daughter likes a lot of my clothes. The other two wouldn't fit into them.

The only 'stuff' I see being dumped is bedding. Except a winter duvet cover that has to be dry cleaned. They might change their mind when they see that ?