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Sainsbury’s Again.

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lefthanded Sat 30-Nov-19 14:15:41

Following on from recent threads about Sainsbury’s, I’ve just had a disagreement with the manager of our local branch this morning.

About once a week my wife and I go to Sainsbury’s Cafe for breakfast. My wife uses a powered wheelchair, so this morning we parked, assembled the wheelchair and I helped her out of the car and into the chair. Into the cafe, found a table, and then I helped her out of the wheelchair and onto a soft seat where we could eat. I went to order our usual breakfasts, and found a notice saying that “Some food items were unavailable”. But nothing to tell me WHAT is unavailable. So I queued until I got to the till, only to be told that there was no hot breakfast today, and no barista-style coffee!

So I helped my wife back into her wheelchair, and we went to customer services to complain. I understand that equipment fails, and these problems may be outside their control - but they COULD put a clearer notice at the entrance to the servers saying what was not available, or even a notice in the foyer to save us entering the store and would save my wife from getting in and out of her wheelchair. Why leave it until we get to the till to tell us what the problem is? The manager was unhelpful. He said that he thought the signage was adequate. What do you think?

silverlining48 Sat 30-Nov-19 17:02:14

it was clearly very inconvenient fir you and your wife particularly because of the mobility issues. I would have thought including ‘no hot food today’ etc would have made sense and save people waiting in queue. An apology from the manager would not be too much to expect if they wish to keep good customer relations.
Do you have another supermarket cafe you can take your business to? Hope so.

Gonegirl Sat 30-Nov-19 17:05:16

Complain to the head office. Especially about the manager's unhelpful attitude.

NfkDumpling Sat 30-Nov-19 17:06:05

That was just a generic sign they keep hidden under the till wasn't it. Not good enough. Definitely not good enough.

NfkDumpling Sat 30-Nov-19 17:07:00

Yep, a letter to the Chief Executive. Works wonders! That manager needs to go on a course!

mumofmadboys Sat 30-Nov-19 19:32:54

Let it go! It is not worth getting upset about it or causing a problem for the manager.

Baggs Sat 30-Nov-19 20:45:29

How tiresome for you both, lefthanded. I don't think the signage was adequate and agree with nfk that the manager would appear to need more training in customer relations.

lemongrove Sat 30-Nov-19 21:40:05

I sometimes think that with managers and unhelpful attitudes, the stores don’t deserve us to continue using them.
Write that to Sainsbury HQ lefthanded.
The signage wasn’t adequate at all, and designed to draw in the customer until it’s too late.

Tangerine Sat 30-Nov-19 21:42:56

I agree the signage was not adequate and the Manager's attitude was unhelpful. Yes, I think you ought to complain in writing. Hope you get somewhere.

With any luck, someone else will have complained and that will add weight to your complaint.

lavenderzen Sat 30-Nov-19 21:53:05

Completely unacceptable lefthanded I would certainly write to the Head Office to complain.

Tedber Sun 01-Dec-19 10:46:17

I’ve seen this before - another supermarket though - sign said some items may not be available today but not what wasn’t available! Queued up anyway and then found the hot food apart from toasties wasn’t available! I did think then why didn’t the sign say ‘no hot food?’ Probably because they wasn’t you to buy what IS available?

Ideally they should have noticed you struggling to sit down and tell you personally that the breakfasts were off but probably not enough staff to notice?

You could complain and may get a free breakfast out of it but not a lot they can do now. Like us, you will probably check in future that all items are on the breakfast list before seating?

Deedaa Sun 01-Dec-19 20:41:07

When I worked in a coffee shop in M&S we had problems a few times with machinery breakdowns. When this happened one of us would stand in the entrance and tell customers what was happening. We would often be armed with a plate of biscuits or chocolates!