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Article about XR in Woman and Home magazine

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Washerwoman Wed 18-Dec-19 16:21:21

Is it just me ?Now I absolutely believe Climate change is a real threat, and urgent action is needed but having just sat down with a Woman and Home magazine as a bit of a break from Xmas cooking I couldn't help doing a double take reading an article about the 5 main ways to reduce carbon footprint.All 5 of which as it happens I do.But then a 3 page article profiling 3 middle aged, middle class rebels -that's how they are described -who have protested,and one gone to jail, on behalf of XR.
However it felt like a very heavily biased article.Why not profile one of them Then maybe a couple of other women taking action in other ways in more grass roots ways to change their communities attitudes towards climate issues.And more realistic for those who can't abandon jobs and businesses and risk loss of earnings.
Maybe I just feel everything is so politicised and I'm constantly made to feel I don't care enough when I do Fine in a documentary,newspaper but in my monthly treat of a magazine I could do without it.Anyway I've thought of a way of further reducing unnecessary consumption.No more magazines.Especially W&H.

Tedber Wed 18-Dec-19 19:46:24

Blimey Washerwoman I think I must be the thickest person on the planet! I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. What is XR? Would LOVE to be able to answer you about the person who went to ail on behalf of XR but...I simply can't!!!

rosenoir Wed 18-Dec-19 19:56:27

Thought it was just me, what is XR

rosenoir Wed 18-Dec-19 19:56:53

Just realised , extinction rebellion.

Washerwoman Wed 18-Dec-19 20:04:38

Sorry.My mistake,Trying to be concise and thought as there has been so much in the news and on GN politics it was a recognisable abbreviation!

BradfordLass72 Wed 18-Dec-19 21:48:30

Extended Reality (XR) is similar to Virtual Reality, a kind of game or inter-active reality, computer generated programme.

I don't see any link at all between this and climate change - but then I haven't read the article.

Virtual Reality is great fun but for someone my age, it's best to sit down as it takes over your senses and persuades you that you are, for instance, flying! grin I need to be grounded by sitting down.

annodomini Wed 18-Dec-19 22:38:57

In this case. I assume that it means Extinction Rebellion rather than Extended Reality! My youngest GS (12) is into Virtual Reality and has promised me that I can try out his gadgetry when I visit for Christmas. Not sure I'm looking forward to that. On the other hand, if I was 40 - 50 years younger, I woudl willingly join the demonstrators or ER, as this kind of principled disruption could be the best way to protect future generations from the conditions created by our generation and predecessors.

BlueBelle Wed 18-Dec-19 22:58:44

Bradfordlass you’re barking up the wrong tree, woof woof

crazyH Wed 18-Dec-19 23:05:59

Bluebelle ?