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The Broons!

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Glenfinnan Tue 31-Dec-19 13:49:46

I don’t know you Maw Broon but I enjoy reading your posts! Just finished reading this years ‘The Broons! ‘ so wishing you especially and all other Gransnetters A Happy 2020!

MawB Tue 31-Dec-19 14:34:04

Here’s tae us, wha’s like us?
Dam’ few an they’re a’ deid! ??

A guid new year tae yin an’ a’ !

Glenfinnan Tue 31-Dec-19 17:13:49

Thank you Maw!
Lang May your Lumm reek ❤️❤️

Carillion01 Tue 31-Dec-19 17:15:38

So glad you're back, have been looking for you xxx

jane1956 Tue 31-Dec-19 17:21:48

Mil used to send my sons "THE BROONS" annual for Christmas most years, all in traditional writing ofcourse.

Cherrytree59 Tue 31-Dec-19 17:32:58

Hi Glenfinnan

My new Broons calendar (family tradition) is sitting on the kitchen table and will be pinned in the usual spot on our kitchen wall, just after the local church bells or noisy fireworks

I raise a glass to all Gransnetters far and wide. ??
Wishing you all a very happy healthy 2020?

varian Tue 31-Dec-19 18:28:01

Looking back over the years I can't quite distinguish the Broons from Oor Wullie.

Cherrytree59 Tue 31-Dec-19 18:49:20

Oor Wullie has spicky hair, wears dungarees and sits on his upturned bucketgrin

BradfordLass72 Wed 01-Jan-20 00:54:51

Have been getting The Broons and Oor Wullie annuals (as well as sometimes the pages from the Sunday Post) for many years.

Oor Wullie, your Wullie, a'body's Wullie.

Like family to me, bless 'em.

grandtanteJE65 Thu 02-Jan-20 11:01:22

A guid new year and health and wealth tae aal oor parents' bairns!

Kalu Thu 02-Jan-20 11:10:40

Two of my best Christmas presents were The Broons and Oor Willie albums during the 50’s. Years later bought them for both DDs who loved them too. ‘Jings ma boab’