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I dont really care if I am [grin]!!

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Namsnanny Wed 22-Jan-20 16:35:14

I rarely eat chocolate, but like certain types now and again.

My darling H likes over sweet things. One of his favourite chocs is/are (?) Revels.

Guess what I was bought???? and last week and the week before, and the week before that. Ad infinitum.

Oh! and as a late (yes that's correct not even on the day) Christmas prezzy. angry

I'm sucking the choc off each one and leaving the sweet sickly middle in the bag for him this time.


midgey Wed 22-Jan-20 16:37:37

Good thinking! Don’t blame you at all?

vampirequeen Wed 22-Jan-20 16:37:49


kittylester Wed 22-Jan-20 16:39:01

Or could you buy him your favourites?

Namsnanny Wed 22-Jan-20 17:12:26

Good idea kittylester, providing he doesn't scoff them all first!! smile

He's a bit of a nightmare TBH for NOT buying what I/we (as in the household) want or need. But substituting it for something he thinks is better.

Generally it saves him money or time. Or as in the Revels he prefers this product to that.

So unless I actually shop (don't walk far now) I don't get the things I like.

Today (apart from the Revels) he came back with a frying pan. This has been his bete noire for the last few month.
We now have SEVEN frying pans!!
Considering I am trying my best to cut out excess work in the kitchen, (as I cant do as much now) he's decided we need new saucepans, all too heavy for me to use, and now frying pans!

Really I should write a book.

Caramac Wed 22-Jan-20 17:28:14

That’s hilarious @Namsnanny ?

Namsnanny Wed 22-Jan-20 19:48:59

Caramac … you have to laugh or....end up in jail???grin

PamGeo Wed 22-Jan-20 19:57:02

You could do online shopping ? ... or hit him with a frying pan

Namsnanny Wed 22-Jan-20 20:39:42

Yes PamGeo, online is the way to go! As for the second suggestion, don't tempt me wink

Whilst I'm still on a roll (I might as well get it out of my system!) He recently made some improvements to the fitted wardrobe in the bedroom. Which had been in need of maintenance for many a long year, and put in a new pole to hang our clothes on. The old one kept on collapsing under the weight.

Now if I said to you, what shape is a pole or rod?
The answer would be without a shadow of doubt round
Guess what our pole was? Yep, square.

He said that's all the wood he could find!! confused

Try putting a hanger over a squared off lump of wood.

40 yrs he's been wondering why steam comes out of my ears.