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"Great Grannies"

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granniechrissie Sun 23-Feb-20 20:29:49

My Mum is a "great Grannie" in every sense of the word. When we were children she regaled us wih stories of her grannie, our great grannie who was born in 1864 and lived to 94. Time passes so quickly.

Grannybags Sun 23-Feb-20 21:03:04

My Mum lived to be 97 and was a Great Great Granny - and truly was great great!

tanith Sun 23-Feb-20 21:07:02

I’m a Grt grannie to 5 and have hopes of being a GGGrannie. I hope my GGC think I’m great lol.

Nansnet Mon 24-Feb-20 03:22:39

I had both of my great-grandmothers when I was growing up, and one great-grandfather, as well as both sets of grandparents. I felt so lucky to have so many, when many of my friends only had 1 or 2, or none at all. I still remember the wonderful stories they used to tell me, and always loved spending time with them. I do hope my own GD (and any future GC!) will feel the same way about me.

Witzend Sat 29-Feb-20 11:46:19

No G-Grannies here, the last died shortly before I was born.

I did have a G-Grandfather, though, a really lovely old man, went on well into his 90s with marbles intact, and outlived both grandfathers!

My mother lived just long enough to be a G-Granny to my first Gdc for a few months, but sadly her dementia was by then so bad that she was no longer able to understand anything, let alone take any pleasure in seeing the baby. ?

BlueBelle Sat 29-Feb-20 12:59:53

No I didn’t have any great grand parents one was alive when I was very little but lived in another part of the country I think I may have met her once
My grandchildren had their great grandma and great grand dad until 8 years ago very much in their lives
I don’t think I ll be one any time soon kids are much later (on the whole) having babes now

Welshwife Sat 29-Feb-20 13:29:23

When I was small I had a GGM - my father’s grandmother. She was always sitting on a rocking chair in her room wearing a big black dress and with the sort of bonnet with ribbons. She had been a florist and my father often spoke of going to Covent Garden with her to buy flowers and taking them home on the bus!

Smileless2012 Sat 29-Feb-20 13:32:18

Our ES's children have 2 GG's, sadly they'll never know their GGC.

EllanVannin Sat 29-Feb-20 13:51:34

I didn't have any grandparents when I was born. Great aunts who were like battleaxes instead ! Very staid and starchy and lived in a creepy house that looked like a film set.
That's the background I remember as a child. An enormous grandfather clock and a large aspidistra in the window.
No cuddly grannies. This was about 1947/8.

Next door neighbours had a granddad living with them, so I used to call him granddad and he treated me the same as his own.

SueDonim Sat 29-Feb-20 14:04:39

No GGP’s for me. My dad was old enough to be my GP!

My youngest GD had three GGP’s when she was born but now there’s just one left, my mother.

NannyJan53 Sat 29-Feb-20 15:48:41

My Mum is 90 and has 4 GGD's. Her Mum lived to 95 and saw her GGGD (my eldest DGD).

I vaguely remember one of my GGM's, she was dressed in Black and sat in a corner is all I can recall about her. I think I was about 4 or 5 when she died.

SueDonim Sat 29-Feb-20 18:09:58

That’s made me think, Nannyjan. My mum (92) has thirteen GGC!

glammanana Sat 29-Feb-20 18:23:19

I remember my GGM slightly she used to sit in the parlour spinning cotton lace to make collars for dresses and sold them on the market.
I have 2 x GGCs and have been a Gnana since I was 65 it certainly keeps you young at heart,they are a delight.

Barmeyoldbat Sat 29-Feb-20 19:09:45

I am a Greatgran to one darling little boy who is now 2. Love it

NannyJan53 Sun 01-Mar-20 18:41:58

Wow SueDonim 13! I would be hard put to remember all their names if it was me smile

littleflo Mon 02-Mar-20 12:23:44

If you are looking for. Gift for a Great Granny, May I recommend, ‘Mum Tell Me’. It is like a blank diary for someone to tell their life history.

My DD bought it for me last Mother’s Day and it has taken me a year to complete. It was a very emotion experience as my childhood was very difficult. However, it was also great to write about the different world of my youth, The book tells you to fill in only what pages you want to and to include photos. At first I did all the happy stuff, it gradually I filled in the blanks. Many times, I was in tears and had to stop writing but I did persevere.

It has filled many hours for me and my DD and GC have all read it now. It will be interesting to know how many more generations will enjoy it.

SueDonim Mon 02-Mar-20 12:50:21

Nannyjan, she probably remembers their names and birthdays better than I do! She’s still sharp as a knife. grin

Nannarose Mon 02-Mar-20 14:27:28

I was fortunate to have a great granny with lovely tales to tell. My father had his great-granny, she died before I was born, but tales of her are still told in the village where we lived!
My own grandchildren have one great granny (not on my side). She grew up during the Blitz,has tales to tell of evacuation, of returning to London and then moving to a 'new town'. I tell my GCs to listen, one day they will be glad that they did.
I know that I am - I am not someone who ran out when the old people told tales - I listened and now have a fund of oral and social history!