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wintersday Sat 29-Feb-20 12:06:39

At last, waited 4 years for a "real" birthday so just this year sweet sixteen (64). Many Happy Returns to my fellow Leap Year Babies. Very best wishes.

HurdyGurdy Sat 29-Feb-20 12:14:24

Tra-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la - Happy birthday, sweet 16.

I hope you have a lovely day flowers cupcake

When do you normally celebrate - 28th February, or 1st March?

I've only ever known one person with a 29th February birthday - it seems to be quite an exclusive club smile

Yennifer Sat 29-Feb-20 12:19:00

Happy Birthday! x

Septimia Sat 29-Feb-20 12:20:25

I knew someone who was a Leap Year Baby - and their sibling was born on the 29th four years later.

wintersday Sat 29-Feb-20 12:22:01

Thanks for your replies and birthday wishes.

Yes, celebrate on 28th February the other years but it isnt quite the same!

midgey Sat 29-Feb-20 12:22:54

Happy birthday, 🎉🍾🍷🍷🎂

timetogo2016 Sat 29-Feb-20 15:31:51

A neighbour of mine many years ago had a baby on the 29th of Feb and couldn`t decide what date to celebrate her birthday.
I suggested if the baby was born am id`e celebrate on the 28th if pm the 1st march.
And she did just that.

lemongrove Sat 29-Feb-20 15:37:36

Happy Birthday to you wintersday smile flowers
I was thinking this morning it must be hard to not be able to celebrate the actual date every year for some people.

NannyJan53 Sat 29-Feb-20 15:43:00

Happy Birthday wintersday cupcake wine

My SIL's Mum is 80 today, making it the 20th birthday she has celebrated on the 29th Feb. I think she usually celebrates on 1st March other years.

Grandma70s Sat 29-Feb-20 15:48:39

I was born in a Leap Year, and missed the 29th by a couple of days. I’m still furious about that. It would have been fun to have a Leap Year birthday.

SueDonim Sat 29-Feb-20 18:13:29

Happy birthday, Leap Year babies! cupcakewine

We had two Leap Year birthdays in our family. My grandmother, who would have been celebrating her ?30th birthday and my second cousin who would be celebrating his 24th birthday. Both been gone a long time now. sad

pensionpat Sat 29-Feb-20 18:45:26

My mum was born on 29th Feb. She would have been 100 today. As children, when we asked her age she always replied 21 and a bit. A big bit. She died aged 86, truly aged 21 and a bit.

Deedaa Mon 02-Mar-20 22:43:40

DH's aunt celebrated her 22nd birthday this year!

SueH49 Sat 07-Mar-20 23:12:54

One of my DIL's is a Feb 29th baby. She usually celebrated her birthday on March 1st. Her rationale is that she was not her on the 28th of Feb so shouldn't celebrate on that day. She celebrated becoming a teenager this year!

V3ra Sat 07-Mar-20 23:32:26

A child I know has both "Happy 2nd Birthday" and " Happy 8th Birthday" banners displayed on the house.
Quite taken aback when I pointed out their next proper one would be at age 12 😳