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COVID 19 and anonymity - would knowing who has the virus not have helped?

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Feelingmyage55 Wed 18-Mar-20 20:37:10

I have been baffled as to why there has not been more information about the exact location of patient/carriers right at the beginning. Surely it would have been easier to trace contacts, take avoiding action and take extra focussed precautions? No one has caught the viruus deliberately so there should be no stigma. If I had come back from Italy I would have made it known that I was isolating and needed everyone to stay away.

Sussexborn Wed 18-Mar-20 20:44:08

That would work if only one or two people came back from Italy or China etc but guess it was more likely several thousands so not as clear cut.

PamelaJ1 Wed 18-Mar-20 20:55:01

I was thinking that.
At the moment it would probably be possible but maybe not when we get more cases.
I’m flying to Perth W,A. today it would be useful for me to know where the cases there are so that I could avoid them.
In the U.K. it think it would be quite difficult. We are closer together and more densely populated.

PamelaJ1 Wed 18-Mar-20 21:43:00

This information is available on the government website. No names but it does show where the outbreaks are.
Hope you don’t live in Birmingham!

Joelsnan Wed 18-Mar-20 21:51:40

I find it concerning to see the vast majority of UK deaths to date are in the elderly, especially as it has not got a total nationwide grip yet.
I know it is the elderly that are expected to be worst hit but...
Where are these people contracting this illness, have all of them returned from overseas?
Because of their age and apparent severe pre existing conditions I cannot imagine them being socialites.

PamelaJ1 Wed 18-Mar-20 22:30:25

Well Joelsnan I believe that one cluster was linked to a skiing holiday.
I have just been researching whether or not we will have to self isolate when we return to the U.K. next week. I think that as we are returning from Australia, not a country with many cases.
I don’t think we have to , Officially, unless we have symptoms?
I’m still searching.

We are a society that moves around the world such a lot, Students from the epicentre in Whuhan study all over the world and I am sure many returned to their studies before borders were closed. Equally our young study in China, Italy and everywhere else. The young are a much more social group than older travellers well mostly anyway.
We are in a nice hotel with space between us and the staff and other guests, not in some backpacker hostel with shared facilities.
The doctor who contracted the virus whilst skiing was sharing a chalet with people from other areas.

Callistemon Wed 18-Mar-20 22:38:45

I don't think that map shows where the outbreaks are; rather it shows (or is supposed to show) the numbers in each country of the UK.

WOODMOUSE49 Thu 19-Mar-20 01:02:29

BBC news site tell you how many in your area. UK