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Covid 19 showing the best in people

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Sparkling Tue 24-Mar-20 22:53:40

As truly awful as this Virus is, you cannot help but see how it's bought out the best in people. A sense of we are in this together and it will pass. Feel sorry for the medical profession, caught out without enough protective equipment, yet they carry on putting the public first. All around us people are doing random acts of kindness and looking out for the vulnerable in our society. I like everyone else, wish for a return to normal life, it's almost a dream at this stage.

Alishka Wed 25-Mar-20 10:14:52

"random acts of kindness" - anyone else think of Kerry in This Country?grin
But targeted acts of kindness -My near neighbours (whom I've never actually met btw) have leafleted all us Seniors around offering to pick up shopping,posting mail etc. and also offering to phone us for a chat. And they've set up a facebook support group too.