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NHS not taking their own advice.

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Missfoodlove Mon 30-Mar-20 20:23:15

A neighbour, frontline nurse has been in isolation for a week as she called in sick with a cough.
She was told to take a fortnight off.
She is posting on Instagram revealing her trips out by car some miles away.
I am really peeved.
Our street stood and cheered for her and her colleagues.

GrannyLaine Mon 30-Mar-20 20:27:11

I would say that she doesn't represent the NHS as a whole. Always going to be the odd rotten apple in the barrel.

notanan2 Mon 30-Mar-20 20:29:55

You seem to know a lot about her. So have you asked her? When the pics were taken etc?

Missfoodlove Mon 30-Mar-20 20:37:45

The pictures were taken today.

Riverwalk Mon 30-Mar-20 20:41:21

The title of your thread is very misleading - one nurse is not the NHS.

notanan2 Mon 30-Mar-20 20:43:17

The pictures were taken today.
Has she told you this or do you deduce it from her social media?

I added some pics this week that were taken before lockdown

WOODMOUSE49 Mon 30-Mar-20 22:25:34

Advice from my MP is to ring 101 to report those not following guidelines

Missfoodlove Mon 30-Mar-20 22:52:07

WOODMOUSE49, I wouldn’t go as far as to report her but I’m just miffed that we clapped her and her colleagues.
I have not been out other than 1 local dog walk a day for 13 days.
I have made our food last and will do my first food shop tomorrow.

She is driving to local beaches and beauty spots daily to exercise her dogs.
It seems wrong that she is too ill too work or supposedly isolating but can traipse around the countryside.