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Blood Pressure

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Janebuck Sat 02-May-20 12:16:15

Just found out my blood pressure is too high and want to try and lower it naturally. I walk 6 miles daily and am not over weight. I would value your help
Thank you

notanan2 Sat 02-May-20 12:19:55

If its very high and you have been diagnosed with it then Im afraid I dont think you should delay the meds. The risks are too serious. Any life style changes you think will help can be done alongside your meds and if they worked your meds would be weaned down or even off

notanan2 Sat 02-May-20 12:23:12

If youve had a once off reading it might be just that. Depends on whats happened

EllanVannin Sat 02-May-20 12:27:19

Depends what you mean by high ?

Teetime Sat 02-May-20 12:30:28

Yes a one off reading is not a reliable indicator that you need treatment. You need a proper assessment by a GP or appropriate Practice Nurse. If you want to do something to help yourself you could reduce your salt intake looking at hidden salt in foods as well as added salt in cooking and at the table. Get it checked out properly. Good luck.

trisher Sat 02-May-20 12:32:57

Meditation and/or Tai chi might help and can't do any harm. There is some evidence that beetroot juice can help. If you have high BP you should ask for medication but can still do these things to help.

wildswan16 Sat 02-May-20 12:36:15

If you're not overweight, and already walking (briskly), then the only other "home" things to do are to reduce your salt intake, reduce alcohol (if any), reduce stress (if possible), reduce caffeine ...... and eat dark chocolate!

As others have said - it could be a temporary blip, or require medication if excessively high.

SalsaQueen Sat 02-May-20 12:42:41

You should cut out salt. Not just putting it in/on foods, but also by looking at the labels on the packaging of foods. Bacon, for example, and even certain biscuits, have got quite a bit of salt in.

sodapop Sat 02-May-20 12:46:55

notananan2 has the right advice Janebuck don't dismiss medication at least initially. High blood pressure can cause quite a lot of problems.