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Enjoy the peace they said!

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Lizbethann55 Sun 31-May-20 13:58:42

Enjoy lockdown they said. Appreciate being furloughed they said. Take advantage of the glorious weather they said. Sit in the garden, watch the flowers grow, listen to the birds sing and the bees hum. ENJOY THE PEACE they said!! So I did. I bought some plants (online) and some sunloungers (thanks Amazon) and sat back. Then , two weeks ago builders turned up at the house next door but one to do a mammoth house extension (12 weeks). Total knock down of their back followed by rebuild. But at least the builders finish at 4.30 and don't work weekends. Then on Thursday builders turned up at the house next door to me (the other side). It is a big corner house which had been allowed to fall into a state of total disrepair and neglect. A local family bought it in September and apart from sometimes leaving their cars on the drive we haven't seen them at all until Thursday. Now they have decided they need the work done and to move in asap. Builders were there till late Thursday and Friday. Banging and drilling and hurling bricks, wood, debris out of windows and doors into the garden ( no skip) . My DH was not pleased when they turned up yesterday (Saturday) and said to them that he hoped they wouldn't be at the house today , Sunday. They said they wouldn't. And finished at 6.30. Peace , we thought, before the building resumes at both sides tomorrow. At 8.30am today tree surgeons arrived at a house just round from ours. It is now nearly 2.00pm and they are still there. Sawing (huge chain saws) , shredding and engines and generators roaring. The noise is horrendous! To say nothing of the fact that at this time of year whatever is being cut down may well be full of birds nests and squirrels dreys. Tomorrow they will have gone and both sets of builders will be back! Peace ? What peace?

Floradora9 Sun 31-May-20 14:23:57

Oh how I feel for you we have noisy dogs and neighbours playing loud music. I am glad I bought noise cancelling headphone so I get some peace to read in the garden .

GrannyLaine Sun 31-May-20 14:24:05

Lizbethann55 you have my entire sympathy. We endured almost 18months of building work on the house next door to us and it made me very unhappy, not least because they ruined what was a lovely house, that just needed some sympathetic updating. I hope it doesn't go on for too long for you flowers

Septimia Sun 31-May-20 15:27:10

It was gloriously peaceful here until last weekend. Since then it's been cars and motorcycles non-stop some days and much of the time on others. Many just pass through, so it's just traffic noise, but others come and park all over the place to go walking or cycling. It's worse than it was before Covid!! So you have my sympathy.

All the locals we've spoken to have commented on how nice it was during lockdown! We could even walk down the road without the fear of being run over.

Barmeyoldbat Sun 31-May-20 15:38:38

It must be awful for you and it makes me thankful that we only have children next who just love to scream at the tops of their voices. Mum just sits there looking at her phone taking no notice. So last night at 6.30 we decided to eat out side and I asked if the children could stop screaming but they didn't and it really spoilt our meal. So today when mum was sunbathing in the garden and the children were in full throttle I took the radio outside and put on Radio 4 at full belt. It seems to have cured the problem but I am afraid I can't see any way round for you with builders.

Shrub Sun 31-May-20 16:19:08

I just had to go out for a walk earlier. There was a pressure washer going, someone sawing wood and hammering, someone else thumping paving slabs down. Not to mention children screaming which was painful because I haven’t seen my grandchildren for ages.

I am thinking about noise cancelling headphones but then I wouldn’t be able to hear the birds!

Grammaretto Sun 31-May-20 16:22:25

I am so sorry for you. I can hardly imagine it as we are very quiet here.
I was just saying how lovely it was that the destiny church is closed for services because on Sundays when they are belting out hymns on speakers it's like a rock concert on next door.

We were staying in a cottage once on a hebridean island when a stonebreaking machine woke us up. A house was being built next door.
Luckily they left off work early.
I hope they hurry up with the work.

AGAA4 Sun 31-May-20 16:28:00

Lizbethann55. I know how you feel. Outreach have been digging up the road all week. Drilling and men shouting to each other over the noise makes my head ache.
When they have gone in the evenings there is someone with a hedge cutter just opposite which seems to make all the dogs in the neighbourhood bark.
Before lockdown I would have escaped to visit someone but not allowed for now.

Toadinthehole Sun 31-May-20 16:30:25

Awww, bless you, that is so awful. Don’t know quite what to say. I suppose so many workers have been grounded over the last few months, they need to get back to earning. Having said that though, I thought most outside work has pretty much carried on as normal. Perhaps next weekend will be better for you. Small least you’re not kept awake at night.....are you?

yorkie20 Sun 31-May-20 18:08:02

We too have noisy neighbours. If they are not making any noise (electrical) you can bet they are not at home. I think the male has OCD as he literally mows the lawns (front and back) EVERY 48 hours. Same with their 2 cars. Constantly cleaning them. Another neighbour has a young child who screams constantly whilst his parents do nothing. I do know children make noise but ifs he's outside hes yelling his head off. Dad is calm with him but mum is a drip.