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Abuse from complete strangers

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Sallywally1 Tue 07-Jul-20 18:09:51

This was an interesting thread on mums net about women who have received verbal abuse from strangers. Most of the abusers were men commenting on women who were perhaps a little overweight. Some were just plain nasty, while other victims experienced physical abuse.

Anyone experienced this? I found the stories quite astonishing that women can be abused like this from anyone, let alone strangers.

welbeck Tue 07-Jul-20 18:23:34

i think unfortunately it is just the more obvious end of all the harassment and micro aggressions that most females face, from manspreading and frottage on trains and buses, mansplaining, pin-ups at work, to comments on appearance, general lack of respect, cat-calling etc.

Jaye53 Wed 08-Jul-20 15:40:53

yes It's the norm sadly for (some) men to act outrageously and sexist towards women.and don't get me started on that "small man syndrome" I could write a book on that subject. starting with male employers but the list is endless.

AGAA4 Wed 08-Jul-20 15:56:30

When I was young in the 60's it seemed that it was always open season on females.
There were overtly sexual remarks made by men just passing in the street to men thinking it was fine to grope women in the office.

Summerlove Wed 08-Jul-20 16:29:21

Sally, I’m so in awe that this is astonishing to you. This has been going on for years. It’s especially obvious recently when people have been emboldened to speak and do things otherwise unthought of due to consequences.

People, men especially, feel they are being treated poorly when others are started to be treated equally. They try to reverse this by getting women and minorities back in their boxes