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Chitter chatter on way to shops/ quiet on way back !

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Serendipity22 Tue 28-Jul-20 21:18:42

Has anyone else notices that when yourself and a friend plan a day shopping, there is lots of chatter, laughing, silliness, general communication, but on the way back hone the communication and laughter is lacking in its silliness, in fact the journey home seems to be far less exiting as the journey there !!!!! I dont mean we travel home in silence with faces set in stone I just mean the journey home seems to be less 'giddy' as the journey there...

Am I on my own in this assumption or has anyone else noticed, and i am not referring to recent, unsettling times with Covid-19, I have taken note for years ....


Chewbacca Tue 28-Jul-20 21:28:38

Yes I agree. Where my friends and I are concerned, we natter non stop all the way there, all the way around the shops, all the way through lunch and afternoon coffee and by the time we get in the car to come home we're knackered! I go away with 3 separate friends for short breaks throughout the year and we usually share a twin bedded room. We talk non stop all day and usually fall asleep mid sentence and then wake up and start again! No idea what we talk about though!

lemongrove Tue 28-Jul-20 21:32:01

I think maybe you are all chatted out by that time, on the way back!?

SueDonim Tue 28-Jul-20 21:33:08

Nope, doesn’t happen to me. We talk nonstop. grin

BlueBelle Tue 28-Jul-20 22:07:17

Nor me SueDonim when I go shopping with my friend (I’ve only got one shopping friend) we talk as much coming back as going maybe more cos we re laughing about all the silliness we ve encounter during the day

Serendipity22 Wed 29-Jul-20 07:38:36

Thank you for your replies smile hahahaha they are funny .... especially the 1 from Chewbacca .... hahahaha....

Isnt it absolutely brillaint that we have these days to look forward to, knowing it's a day out filled with smiles, laughter, silliness.... brilliant ....

Enjoy your day everyone smile

BlueSky Wed 29-Jul-20 08:24:08

I don't go shopping with friends and I don't talk anyway!

timetogo2016 Wed 29-Jul-20 11:27:19

We talk none stop on the way there,around the shop,on the way back and i still forget to say something so end up on the phone and my friend has done the very same.
And we never get lock jaw but that could be down to it doesn`t get time to lock.

lemongrove Wed 29-Jul-20 11:41:28


I don't go shopping with friends and I don't talk anyway!

Why? Have you taken a vow of silence??

BlueSky Wed 29-Jul-20 11:54:11

Lemongrove grinYes I am known for my silence! My DH wouldn't agree. Must keep all my talking for him!

Serendipity22 Wed 29-Jul-20 13:16:32

timetogo2016 ....

Haaaa that's funny..... must admit we am the same when we meet up...
Hahahaha we see the humour in all sorts of stuff that others would think we had lost our minds ... hahahaha.....

I have been on 2 holidays with 1 particular freind.... we are so alike and yet chalk & cheese and it's a case of we either both accept each other for who we are or the outings and holidays dont happen....

I love love them... 99.9% of our outings incur our passion for charity shops and so you can imagine the buzz that runs through us both when we have a bag full of bargain.... or even just 1 bargain.... it all adds to the fan-dabby-dozzzzzy of it all ...