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Pedestrian crossing where vehicles are reversing.

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janipans Fri 31-Jul-20 10:03:30

I live on a service road which is separated from a busy main road by a wide grass verge. The only traffic is that of the householders. It is a dead end - with only 1 house beyond mine.
The Highways Dept have decided to put a crossing right outside my house where the only traffic that crosses that part of the road will be reversing at least 50% of the time to enter/exit the dead end. It is not only my neighbours cars but delivery vehicles, road sweepers, dustcarts all reversing out.
Having worked as a motor injury claims handler I can see that if pedestrians use this crossing it is an accident waiting to happen and my councillor and the contractor agree ... but the Highways Dept will not change the order.
In practice, pedestrians walk along the service road (as the path is narrow and obstructed by overhanging hedges and parked cars) and then the cross diagonally over the access road to get to the main road. Why the Highways Dept think that anyone would suddenly actually use the path and this crossing is beyond me. They are just ticking their boxes to claim they have put in safety measures at the expense of the taxpayer.
I suggested they put the crossing at the end of the dead end (so no conflict with reversing vehicles) but the answer is no!
I have just refused to move my car so things are hotting up but I don't want to be the one picking up some poor kiddy whose mum said "use the crossing" and then got reversed into by, for example, the Amazon delivery van!
(NB we are widening our drive anyway - it used to be wider so the kerb is already ok for this, so this isn't about parking) my car!)

Lollin Fri 31-Jul-20 13:10:45

Presumably they had a period of consultation with residents and everyone left it to others to object as you seem to be alone in trying to stop them. From what you say it does sound crazy and very dangerous but I have no idea what you can do at this point. maybe some other GN poster will have some ideas.

Sussexborn Fri 31-Jul-20 13:17:12

I’ve noticed around here that the crossings are often a few feet away from the roundabouts. Many seem to advocate the “pedestrians have the right of way” theory, even if it means stepping out in front of lorries!

TwiceAsNice Fri 31-Jul-20 15:19:23

I would start by contacting your MP. We contacted ours over another matter and she contacted the government department and our problem was resolved very speedily, for which we were very grateful. A petition of the larger area targeting families for support maybe?

I agree it seems ridiculous and dangerous especially if moving the crossing to the other end of the road might solve things. Digging their heels in for the sake of it. Hope it’s solved soon?

janipans Sat 01-Aug-20 09:42:05

My local Councillor contacted me to "devise a plan of action". She has contacted the Highways Dept and is trying to get them to have a site visit but she also said that there is no legal reason why they would have to consult with me they can just go ahead and do as they please!
There were loads of "consultations" about the school they built nearby (on green belt land) so I expect the road safety issue must have come up at one of those. We did not go to all of them because although we didn't like the idea of conscripting green belt we were prepared to accept is as we aren't NIMBY people and if a a new school was needed it had to go somewhere. The irony is that they consider the main road too dangerous for children to walk along so they are providing free buses for pupils!