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Tonight's meal!

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phoenix Sun 20-Sep-20 19:36:09

Hello all,

Not often I post under the AIBU thread!

So, tonight's meal was gammon (requested by Mr P) roast potatoes, Maris Piper, always reliable, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, creamed cabbage, carrots and peas.

I cook, Mr P dishes up. So far, so good.

Mr P brings his plate to the table, there is only gammon, roast potatoes and peas!

Why do I bother!

FannyCornforth Sun 20-Sep-20 19:40:39

Ugh. It was gammon that made me vegetarian over thirty years ago
It looks so fleshy.

FannyCornforth Sun 20-Sep-20 19:42:44

Sorry! I'm prepared to be hounded out!

Gingster Sun 20-Sep-20 20:06:54

Your meal sounds delicious phoenix - I love gammon and we have it a lot. So versatile. It can last for days in different guises. My DH just the same , doesn’t look beyond his nose. 🤣😂

Grandmabatty Sun 20-Sep-20 20:49:58

I love gammon, particularly with apple sauce or a mustard sauce. Your meal sounds delicious.

Callistemon Sun 20-Sep-20 21:00:52

I dished up tonight (we normally help ourselves) so Mr C got more vegetables than usual.
He ate them all (they were all from the garden smile)

EllanVannin Sun 20-Sep-20 21:02:17

It's also what I had today, with new pots and runner beans, parsley sauce. I roast the gammon after part boiling and cover it with honey and mustard before roasting. A lovely tasty meal.

annsixty Sun 20-Sep-20 21:11:38

Well for the second time in many a long year my GD and I had a takeaway, a Domino’s pizza and chicken strips.
The pizza was really tasty.
I had a very bad night and my GD, bless her, was cleaning, so we put the butterflied leg of lamb in the freezer and used the internet to get our meal delivered.
I wouldn’t want to do it on a regular basis but it served our needs today.

Sallywally1 Sun 20-Sep-20 21:13:27

Ah well, as they say you can bring a horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink!

Your meal sounds lovely. I’m not sure what to cook for Wednesday this week; would you like to come round to mine and prepare a meal such as the one you describe? I will supply the wine!

Urmstongran Sun 20-Sep-20 21:21:15

Ah that’s lovely to hear annsixty - you and your granddaughter seem to get on so well. Good decision to make life easier tonight after a busy for her, tiring for you, day.

phoenix you can lead a horse to water and all that ...

We’ve just been over the road. 2 glasses of Rioja for me (frio) nice on a warm evening. A pint of beer for Himself. Ensalada Capresse (tomatoes, mozzarella and torn basil) then Solomio (pork fillet) and chips on a slate to share. With chimichuri (Argentinian dip) on the side. Total bill? Unbelievable at €21 for us both.

Home now. Full tummies. Kettle on for a cuppa.

Urmstongran Sun 20-Sep-20 21:22:19

Xd post Sallywally - we used the same expression. Snap!

merlotgran Sun 20-Sep-20 21:33:03

phoenix I always do way too much veg on a Sunday so there will be plenty left over for soup on Monday.

I hear the cabbage soup diet is making a comeback. grin

phoenix Sun 20-Sep-20 21:56:21

I am happy to cook, enjoy it, actually, but thinking what to have is a pain in the bottom!

There will be mushroom and bacon Alfredo at some point this week (very quick) and farmhouse our (God knows why it's called that, there's no pastry, it's a Jocyline (sp?) Dimbleby recipe from years back.)

DiscoGran Sun 20-Sep-20 22:01:20

What is mushroom +bacon Alfredo please Phoenix? My DH loves mushrooms. I love quick dinners!

biba70 Sun 20-Sep-20 22:02:23

Cheese on toast and a yogurt.

DillytheGardener Sun 20-Sep-20 22:18:45

I wish I’d had gammon. I made perfectly nice steaks I splurged on taste not so nice by overdoing seasoning and pairing with blue cheese, walnuts and honey. It looked so nice on the telly, but when I made it, overpowering and sweaty. Just not cut out for cooking, sad

cornergran Sun 20-Sep-20 22:38:51

Cornerland produced Paella, made a change from a Sunday roast, with a glass or two of chilled white which could explaiin why I’m nicely chilled smile. Followed by supermarket profiteroles, fresh raspberries and a large dollop of cream. I rarely feel hungry (I know, not normal) so have little enthusiasm for food, did enjoy thar combination so it may reappear.

phoenix Sun 20-Sep-20 22:41:29

Ok, Discogran, I will try to precis it, but might be able to screen shot the recipe tomorrow.

Basically, bacon lardons, chestnut mushrooms, Chinese cooking wine, clotted cream, cooked & mixed, then combined with spaghetti.

Cook the lardons, add the mushrooms and some garlic puree, then the shaoxing wine, summer a bit, then add clotted cream.

Cook spaghetti, mix with mushroom/bacon thing, top with parmesan shavings.

Maggiemaybe Sun 20-Sep-20 22:41:57

DH made us a delicious moussaka, served with brown rice and broccoli from the garden. While it was cooking he walked down the fields and picked some brambles we spotted on our morning walk, then served them with melon and Greek yoghurt.

I guess he’s a keeper. smile

DiscoGran Sun 20-Sep-20 22:48:59

Phoenix, I like it. May make a couple of substitutions though. Maybe creme fraiche instead of clotted. Never used chinese wine before. Would White wine work?

tanith Sun 20-Sep-20 23:14:37

My GSs wife made tuna and broccoli bake for us it was delicious, gammon is very much a favourite of mine.