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Sallywally1 Wed 07-Oct-20 22:36:49

So, am I being unreasonable to want a smart, autumn cord skirt, preferably brown for autumn office wear. It needs to be midi, with some stretch and comfortable.

Proven to be a difficult task. Ok, I am a plus size but not elephantine. However most on offer are either too short (think mini I am 65 for heavens sake), Pleated (shudder), when I have sent off and received them they are too small and comments suggest this is the case for others. Is it UK fashion which has suddenly gone from dire to awful, or is it just me? I have recently ordered a lovely velvet skirt from a Swedish company which is perfect if just a dad too short.

What is wrong with UK designers? Sorry for rant.

CherryCezzy Wed 07-Oct-20 22:52:26

White stuff usually have knee length cord skirts in their Autumn range. I don't think they have them in their range quite yet but it's worth checking. Last year there was a choice of six colours. I find that their sizing is quite generous too. I'm hoping to buy another one this year in a different colour.

Callistemon Wed 07-Oct-20 23:02:30

I miss Country Casuals.

The House of Bruar has one, fitted with a flare at the bottom, unless you want a straight one.

Callistemon Wed 07-Oct-20 23:04:04

In fact, they have shorter, straight ones too, look good worn with thick tights and boots.

CanadianGran Wed 07-Oct-20 23:16:22

Boden has one...Everdene midi camel cord. It looks nice., though a bit expensive.

Cherrytree59 Wed 07-Oct-20 23:43:55

Cotton traders uk.
They do midi.
Also have a tummy control cord skirt

Alima Thu 08-Oct-20 06:00:31

Although I have not looked for dress material or sewing patterns for years would it be possible for you to make your own skirt? Hopefully any colour you want, any length and most importantly no pleats!

NotAGran55 Thu 08-Oct-20 06:22:17


Boden has one...Everdene midi camel cord. It looks nice., though a bit expensive.

This is currently reduced by £25.50 From £85 to £59.50 .

Sallywally1 Thu 08-Oct-20 11:28:27

Thanks, most of these do not have my size. I had hopes of damart, but skirts came up very small. And I have to pay for returns. Grr. I have ordered a marks and spencer brown, though not cord; hopefully it will fit the bill!

Thanks fir your kind replies.

Kate1949 Thu 08-Oct-20 11:42:01

There is one on the M&S site that I rather like. Just past the knee, buttons all the way down, two colours, £39.50, up to size 24.
I use Hermes to return stuff to M&S. They will pick it up from your home free of charge.

BBbevan Thu 08-Oct-20 11:42:49

Seasalt are doing a cord collection. I have only glanced at it, but think it has cord skirts .

annodomini Thu 08-Oct-20 12:18:15

Cotton Traders have a cord skirt in several colours and a good range of sizes. I was thinking of a navy one, but if I go to visit my family, there are usually cat hairs on some of the chairs!

Iam64 Thu 08-Oct-20 12:29:49

Kate1949,, I haven't seen that skirt but I did notice M&S had some decent cord jeans in so was going to suggest sallywally1 look there.
I know M&S clothes have been grim in recent years but it would be a shame to lose them.

Maggiemaybe Thu 08-Oct-20 12:36:11

Always a problem for me as well, annodomini. I have some lovely black needlecord trousers that hardly ever get an outing because I come home with them covered in cat hair and/or fluff from the rug I've been playing on with the DGC. I have to spend ages cleaning it off. No wonder they were in the sale. smile

Kate1949 Thu 08-Oct-20 13:54:11

Iam64 I've bought the cord jeans. I had the black. They are very soft, like velvet. I bought the burgundy colour too. Not thick cord. They are very comfortable.

Callistemon Thu 08-Oct-20 14:21:48

I have some of the M&S jeans in navy needlecord.
Now I have to lose the lockdown half stone and I'll be able to get into them again.

Iam64 Thu 08-Oct-20 14:33:29

Kate1949: everyone needs needle cord black jeans and burgundy for fun.
Callistemon, my old per una jeans still (almost) fit. KAte1949 has inspired me , I want those cords but don’t want to go up a size. I don’t want to give up cake or wine or chips either 😞

Lancslass1 Thu 08-Oct-20 14:49:52

Thank you, Sallywalley1 for reminding me that I have two cord skirts -one brown, one maroon - which I get out every winter.
I bought them in a sale at M and S about 16 years ago.
I actually bought three Skirts but decided that I didn't want a navy one and gave it away !
They must have been very cheap.
I bought needlecord jeans in the sale too which are now used for gardening.
Ah ,those were the days when M and S sold decent clothes made from natural fibre.
I am old enough to remember St Michael and St Margaret clothes which were made in Leicester.
I used to teach there and pupils whose mothers' worked at Corah would bring seconds to school and we bought them.

Sallywally1 Thu 08-Oct-20 16:16:23

Yes I have a couple of the marks cord jeggings, a snip at only £15 and the black is fine for work.

I just particularly wanted a midi brown cord, velour or even velvet skirt. As l mentioned before I don’t get the trend for pleated skirts. Ok if you are a size eight.

Ps I notice in my first posting mentioning that a skirt was a dad too short! I did write in the evening. Of course I meant tad, but was this some sort of Freudian slip??