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Neighbours DIY at 10.30pm

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tobywoby Sun 08-Nov-20 10:00:50

AIBU- our newish neighbours (moved in 6 months ago) always do their DIY in the evenings, so drilling and hammering usually 7-8pm. Last night however they began drilling at 10.30pm. We had literally just fallen asleep when the drilling began on the other side of our bedroom wall followed by hammering. My husband was all for getting dressed and going round to complain but I managed to talk him out of it. I appreciate as newish householders they will have jobs like that to do but 10.30 at night? I hate confrontation and our grandchildren often stay over - the 9 month old last weekend was crying in the early hours and the 6 year old has ADHD/ASD so stays for respite for his parents as they live in a flat with neighbours that complain. We try our best to keep him quiet but he does jump up and down a lot. This makes me worried to complain. Any advice?

Nonogran Sun 08-Nov-20 10:10:43

I would be horrified by what you describe. Could you put a card through their door to welcome them & invite round for a cup of tea?
That way you'll get to know what they're up to indoors & can talk about your energetic grandchild.
An exchange of information might help towards resolution? Hopefully, once they're sorted and settled the drilling/DIY will abate.
I do sympathise with you. I feel blessed that the young couple & new baby, joined onto my house, are very very quiet. Just as I am.
Best wishes .... I feel your pain.

tobywoby Sun 08-Nov-20 10:22:21

Thank you- we would have invited them round when they moved in but with pandemic it’s a bit difficult. We have had numerous chats over the garden fence/ out the front and they seem quite friendly- they even showed concern for our old (deaf!) border terrier with all the firework noise! Hopefully it will be a one off as I hate complaining, especially when sometimes I’d hate to live next door to us! Lol.

Grandmabatty Sun 08-Nov-20 14:04:14

It sounds awful! Maybe they're not aware of how loud it is? You could drop it into the conversation the next time that they seem to have a lot to do as you could hear them working hard, that kind of thing. If it was a once off, then I wouldn't complain, but if it happens regularly then maybe you should complain. It does leave you open to a counter complaint if your dgc are noisy though.

Puzzler61 Sun 08-Nov-20 14:10:21

10.30 pm was unreasonable. If it happens again you could politely invite one of them your side of the wall while the other one drills/hammers.
They may not have realised how much it would disturb you.