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Thank you for feedback re brother

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Mamma66 Fri 27-Nov-20 11:36:51

I posted recently on my frustration with my brother. The thread wouldn’t allow me to add any further comments or respond, so I am posting a brief update.

To cut a long story short, my Father died in October, it was his dearest wish (supported by the whole family) that my husband and I bought my brothers out to keep the house in the family. My younger brother is not working at present and for this and other reasons he carried the lions share of supporting Dad. Being very practical and having the time to do so, he offered to clear the house, but has dragged his heels. I recognised that clearing the house was part of his way with dealing with his grief.

In response to some of your comments, my brother didn’t live with Dad, no way would I have ‘turfed him out’. I am keen to progress things, but actually this is motivated substantially by wanting to help my brother get back on the property ladder. Once everything is sorted (and I know it will take time) my brother will just about have enough for a good deposit as he would love to buy the house he currently rents. We are being hammered with eye watering interest and the more quickly my husband and I sell the two houses we own and pay off the remaining mortgage on Dad’s house, the more money will be available for younger brother’s deposit. Obviously we have to wait for probate etc. I had just wrapped everything all up together in my head and although I thought some of your comments were a bit harsh, it gave me a nudge to relax and step back which I did. Younger brother and I are good, just a storm in a teacup and I needed to vent. Thank you for taking the time to reply ?

Calendargirl Fri 27-Nov-20 11:41:30

Glad things have turned out ok.

Grannynannywanny Fri 27-Nov-20 11:48:34

Mamma66 glad to hear things are more settled. I hope everything goes smoothly for you and your family.

EllanVannin Fri 27-Nov-20 11:55:18

A relief to say the

Squiffy Fri 27-Nov-20 11:56:47

Thank you for the update. Hope things proceed smoothly for you all. flowers

Tangerine Fri 27-Nov-20 11:59:13

Nice to hear things are more positive. I think you often have a lot of quarrels after a death because everyone is upset and worried and there is also a lot to do.

sodapop Fri 27-Nov-20 12:44:45

Good to hear things are amicably resolved Mamma66 it's a stressful and sad time all round. Hope everything goes well for you. thanks

midgey Fri 27-Nov-20 12:47:18

Great! Hope things progress smoothly and fairly speedily. flowers

Mamma66 Fri 27-Nov-20 14:52:31

Thank you all ?

Sarnia Fri 27-Nov-20 14:55:55

Good luck. I hope all goes well and most, importantly, you and your brother are good.