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To catch a thief?

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Missfoodlove Tue 08-Dec-20 11:02:46

I’ve had the scam call from HMRC today.
There is a warrant out for my arrest.

The phone number was clearly displayed and obviously the money that victims transfer has to go in to a bank account somewhere.

So why is this kind of crime still happening?

GrannyGravy13 Tue 08-Dec-20 11:25:03

MissFoodlove see you in the nick they have been after me for months ??

These scammers are usually based outside of Europe and frequently change their numbers and bank accounts (also outside Europe)

Blossoming Tue 08-Dec-20 11:27:22

The phone numbers are usually fakes. It’s easy to do using web telephony such as Skype.

David0205 Tue 08-Dec-20 11:50:14

Quite likely a phone number with a divert on it to a scam operator, could be anywhere, you will never stop them trying.

Missfoodlove Tue 08-Dec-20 12:47:22

I am aware that the phone numbers are cleverly obtained using layers of technology to make it difficult to trace a number.
I just feel these people are rarely convicted because it’s a faceless crime and in many cases the banks compensate.
This will probably not be the case in the future as banks are wanting to get out of the agreement that ensures victims are paid.

sodapop Tue 08-Dec-20 13:15:52

Didn't realise GN was such a hot bed of criminal activity grin

I understand how calls like this can be distressing for some people, for every scammer caught there will be another popping up must be a never ending task trying to catch them.

timetogo2016 Tue 08-Dec-20 15:08:05

I`m still waiting for the knock on the door.
Looking forward to it too.

harrigran Wed 09-Dec-20 08:19:16

The number of calls have been increasing recently, there is not one day when we are not threatened with arrest and will be dragged off to the county court confused.
Every day, for the last week, we have had the bank card call where someone has obtained £600 using our cards. Who takes precisely £600 out of an ATM ? Most have a ceiling of £500.
We know it is a recorded message and the criminals can't hear but DH gives them both barrels anyway.

kittylester Wed 09-Dec-20 08:37:34

Which one of you keeps transferring £600 of my money to a foreign country? And, do you have to do it everyday?