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To expect people to take home their plastic and non biodegradable rubbish?

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PamelaJ1 Sat 23-Jan-21 12:33:39

Somehow I seem to have taken on the role of keeping the churchyard tidy.
We have two lovely men, father and son who cut the grass and do weeding. They put the grass at the back of the church.
Lots of people put the old flowers and plants on this pile. No problem if they are going to rot but why put oasis, plastic and silk flowers etc. on there?
It’s beyond my understanding.

vampirequeen Sun 24-Jan-21 09:28:16

No I don't think you're being unreasonable. People are too happy to leave their rubbish for others to remove.

Sarnia Sun 24-Jan-21 09:47:23

I think you only have to look at the state the beaches were left in last summer to see that there are people who couldn't care less about recycling and their impact on the environment. I take myself off one day a week to litter pick in my local area. I trundle off with a wheelbarrow, purple sacks available from the Town Council, gardening gloves, a couple of grabbers and secateurs. Last week I was cutting down a dog poo bag, thoughtfully left hanging from a branch when a council lorry drove past and out of the driver's window sailed a coffee cup and a crisp packet! sad

Shandy57 Sun 24-Jan-21 09:50:00

We are rural, and my friend is just back from a local voluntary clean of the verges, they collected nine bags of other people's crap. Society is full of irresponsible people who don't care, unfortunately.

MamaCaz Sun 24-Jan-21 10:04:25

We are rural too, Shandy, and have the same problem.

Almost all of the litter on our roadsides appears to have been thrown from cars, and consists of takeaway boxes/cups, crisp packets, and more worryingly, empty wine bottles and cider or beer cans.

I was pondering this yesterday while out walking, and have to say that I became quite concerned about the number of cars that must be cruising our lanes with alcohol-consuming drivers at the wheel, as I doubt if it is just the passengers who are drinking!

grannysyb Sun 24-Jan-21 11:23:31

When schools go back I hope they ran the message home to children who can then tell their parents off if they litter. When we are allowed to picnic, I'm always amazed by the fact that people don't take their rubbish home from our local park, instead they leave it by the overflowing bin, and foxy comes along, spreads it around and the deer eat plastic and get ill.

eazybee Sun 24-Jan-21 12:38:27

Do you have a notice up advising people?
I say this because people may think that all the rubbish is collected; in the area where I live different councils have different rules for rubbish disposal, from three different bins and box for glass to one large bin for everything, including food waste and plastics.
(I do realise it is a compost heap, but not everyone would appreciate that.)

cornishpatsy Sun 24-Jan-21 12:41:27

Is a bin for rubbish nearby?

LauraNorder Sun 24-Jan-21 12:52:18

It is sadly getting very out of hand. I would like to see big social media and tv campaigns to educate about this.
Perhaps people walking down the road dropping litter and cars going by doing the same then a speeded up shot of the same people wading knee deep in their rubbish after only a few weeks.

biba70 Sun 24-Jan-21 12:58:01

the reason I do NOT want any such 'funeral' flowers for me- all these flower reefs are made with polystirene, wire and tons or other non-recyclable materials.