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Bad packaging - let’s protest

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Quizzer Mon 01-Feb-21 10:38:06

AIBU to be annoyed with so many products in misleading packaging, or packaging which makes you use more than you really need.
I recently started putting shower shower gel and shampoo into fancy bathroom dispensers. We are now using less than half as much as when we squeezed it from the bottle.
My hand cream comes in a plunger dispenser. The minimum it gives is enough to moisturise my hands up to my armpits!!
Another wasteful one is laundry liquid pods produced by many companies. We live in a relatively soft water area so don’t need as much liquid as others. Being an economy nerd I have calculated that I save about 40% if I use poured liquid instead of pods.
We are being conned but this is not just about cash it’s also better for the environment.
Has anyone else got examples - name and shame!

midgey Mon 01-Feb-21 10:44:34

To be honest I think you are buying the wrong products!

Tizliz Mon 01-Feb-21 11:49:08

If you live in a soft water area you need to buy your products in accordance. I buy powder for washing machine and dishwasher so I can put less in. No salt needed in dishwasher - on setting it up there was an option to put your water hardness in (you get it off the water board site). I use much less floor cleaner than instructed.

B9exchange Mon 01-Feb-21 11:57:09

We are in a desperately hard water area, so have to use two pods to get things clean. My beef is about the 'childproof' containers, they are dreadful to open, definitely pensioner proof as well!

timetogo2016 Mon 01-Feb-21 12:48:32

Same here B9exchange.

grandtanteJE65 Mon 01-Feb-21 14:48:15

There is nothing new under the sun, is there?

My grandmothers and my mother turned various containers upside down to get the last of a product out of it, and opened salt boxes and sugar and coffee packets to get the last out of them. I do the same.

I have no idea if the story is true or not, so I shan't name the firm. but it is said that a famous supplier of mustard said in the 1930s that they made their profit from what people left on the plates and from what was left in the "empty" jars.

Probably not worth complaining about. Just checking the so-called empty containers is much easier and quicker.

wildswan16 Mon 01-Feb-21 15:32:32

It is very easy to adjust how far you press the plunger on handcream etc. I have never used a "whole plunge" at one time. The same goes for shower gel and shampoo - usually half of what is suggested is enough. But why not change to bar soaps and shampoo which is much better for the environment, and handcream in a tube is much easier to control.

Of course manufacturers are going to try and make us use as much as they can - but most of us are clever enough to resist their sneaky ploys.

SueDonim Mon 01-Feb-21 15:42:09

Use solid shampoo and conditioner bars and laundry powder or liquid and your problems will be solved. smile

Quizzer Mon 01-Feb-21 21:58:10

Thanks everyone for your comments.
I am not an idiot so I am obviously aware of the problems and I do buy and use the most economic products. I just think that the manufacturers deliberately package their products so that some buyers will use more than necessary.

Blossoming Mon 01-Feb-21 22:06:50

I’m sure they do Quizzer I always use much less shampoo than suggested. Never really thought about laundry tabs though. I like to cut down on packaging waste where I can, but have very sensitive skin due to an autoimmune condition. I’ve never found a shampoo bar that suits me. I buy a tea tree body wash that comes in a glass bottle and lasts ages as you only need a few drops on a sponge for an all over wash.

NotSpaghetti Mon 01-Feb-21 22:08:45

You are right Quizzer - Herby teas come in boxes that would generally fit nearly twice as many in, Cereals in boxes with way more space than is required to "settle", tubs of creams with "false bottoms"... and the thing I hate most, deliveries from online retailers that use a box the size of a small car to deliver a corkscrew.

Hetty58 Mon 01-Feb-21 22:16:45

I did notice a huge reduction, in washing up liquid use, when I bought a glass bottle with pump dispenser. It looks nicer too.

I mostly use a laundry egg, though, (due to allergies) and that's really economical. The refills are cheap.

My pet hate is the ketchup/sauce/salad cream plastic bottle with cross-cut opening. You always squeeze too much out - then struggle to get the last drops!

Jaxjacky Mon 01-Feb-21 22:26:00

Hetty58 I always put a few drops of vinegar in condiment bottles, then give a good shake to get the last out.
Har water area here too.

LittleWild1 Wed 07-Sep-22 21:20:33

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Jaxjacky Wed 07-Sep-22 21:55:21

Reported old post too.

MawtheMerrier Wed 07-Sep-22 22:04:10

This is an old thread. There are (now) many “refill” shops where you can take empty jars (Kilner are good) Tupperware type containers or bottles and refill them , paying only for the product. Great for dry goods, but also peanut butter, fruit juice, honey as well as cleaning products.

kircubbin2000 Thu 08-Sep-22 08:17:28

One that annoys me is the packs of yogurt in square containers. It is almost impossible to get the yogurt out of the corners with a spoon.I use a knife for the last bits.

MawtheMerrier Thu 08-Sep-22 08:19:24

I use a greyhound , otherwise known as “puppy prewash”

Witzend Fri 09-Sep-22 12:32:18

We are in a hard water area and I stopped using pods or liquid in plastic bottles a few years ago. Apart from anything else, e.g. the plastic boxes being an absolute bugger to,open! - pods gum up the machine with gunk, as I found when doing a 90 deg empty wash with just soda crystals. The amount of dirty grey foam that appeared was astonishing, and still more during a 2nd such wash.

I now use soda crystals with powder from a cardboard carton - no fabric conditioner, which apparently also caused gunk - and a lot less powder than I’d once have used. Laundry is fine.

We have never used shower gel, just bar soap.

felicebehaviour Thu 06-Oct-22 16:44:59

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