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Covid vaccine

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Nanna29 Mon 01-Feb-21 15:04:37

I work as a carer in domiciliary care 3 of the carers have been given the vaccine one the same age as me 2 younger in their 30s im desperate to have the vaccine. There are 2 carers older then me and we are all waiting and waiting for it. No one knows when we might be offered it. Please can someone give me something to cheer me up?

AGAA4 Mon 01-Feb-21 16:51:06

Your turn will come Nanna29. It can be frustrating when younger people have been vaccinated before you but this is happening everywhere now.
I hope you will get your vaccine soon.

keepingquiet Mon 01-Feb-21 16:54:39

Yes I am waiting too after shielding a whole year for health reasons.

When I hear someone's getting it I feel that it is one person closer for me.

Your turn will come and it may be tomorrow!

Nanna29 Mon 01-Feb-21 20:36:44

Thanks its just a bit frustrating especially because my boss is choosing who goes and in what order

Galaxy Mon 01-Feb-21 20:41:18

Sorry that sounds very odd. I work in a field where we are offered the vaccine I therefore know lots of workplaces that are eligible, I know of none where employees have been referred at different times if they are doing the same role.

MissAdventure Mon 01-Feb-21 21:00:41

You can book your own, using the link that's on a thread here, nanna29.

It isn't pushing in; you're eligible as a healthcare worker.

Grannylicious Mon 01-Feb-21 22:07:33

Is your care agency arranging your vaccines? Or does your GP know your occupation?
Where I work (GP) we were vaccinating Healthcare workers that we knew of, so were coded as such in their medical records. If we were sent proof, or a local home confirmed who worked there we could vaccinate them.
Now we have a link to direct them to book at the hospital but they will need to take work ID with them.