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Working from home?

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foxie48 Thu 04-Mar-21 09:45:17

Retired now but worked mainly from home for the last 20 years and loved it but it does have it's downsides. I visited my neighbour yesterday to collect my eggs as she has a small holding. Her day job, however, is a criminal law barrister. She met me at the door in her farmers overalls but with a very smart black jacket over the top. "I'm in court" she hissed looking rather agitated, unfortunately my dog rushed in to say hello to her dog and pandemonium ensued. Was I spotted rushing past her laptop in pursuit of my naughty dog and will I be charged with contempt of court? I have to admit to taking the odd phone call from the back of a horse when working from home, and some of my most creative thoughts occurred when doing a bit of weeding. Anyone else with tales to tell?

fiorentina51 Thu 04-Mar-21 10:00:33

My son and DIL moved to their new home just before lock down last year with the aim of developing a smallholding. Both of them worked from home, cared for 3 kids, 3 cats, 1 dog and 6 chickens whilst doing their proper jobs. DIL had regular Zoom meetings, frequently interrupted by the animals and sometimes the children. Probably the best was the whirling ball of fur that leapt onto her lap in the middle of one meeting as 2 fighting cats sorted out their differences in her study. It might have been the time her meeting was disturbed by a gentle clucking though as one of the chickens wandered in through an open door. ?

foxie48 Thu 04-Mar-21 10:54:59

I loved the flexibility of working from home. I certainly did the hours but to some extent I could choose when to do them and I wasted very little time in chats with colleagues so I did love going into the office to catch up on the gossip etc.

keepingquiet Thu 04-Mar-21 12:47:37

It is working from home it is living at work. I can't wait to commute again and see people and do my job properly.

glammanana Thu 04-Mar-21 14:22:13

My DD has just accepted a new position with DWP working from home,I do think however that she will miss the social side of her working day even though she has had her pay grade vastly increased I think she will miss her collegues.

cornergran Thu 04-Mar-21 14:41:25

I loved working from home without the distractions of an office setting. My chair was comfortable, the lighting was right for me, a separate phone line I could ignore out of work hours, plenty of space and a door to shut on my home office at the end of the day. It would have been different had I been working from the kitchen table or having to cope with chickens, fighting cats, barking dogs or indeed small children. Depends on your character and if you have space for a proper home office I think. I was pretty lucky.

Newatthis Thu 04-Mar-21 15:06:12

My job (working from home with zoom) because of its nature, is that I cannot have anyone in the house when I'm working, my poor husband is even banished. I cannot be disturbed for up to 3 hours at a time and even when the doorbell goes I have to ignore it. The advantages - I no longer have the 2/3 hour commutes or the overnight stays in hotels and when I finish, the kitchen is a few steps away.

keepingquiet Thu 04-Mar-21 17:44:27

Where on Earth does your husband go? I hope he has a shed!

maydonoz Fri 05-Mar-21 18:05:16

My Dil returned to work part time following maternity leave last September.
At the same time I took over caring for our DGS downstairs while Mum went to her "office" in the spare room. Initially, I went to their home on the regular days, but since New Year our DS1 brings the child to me.
This is better for both parties and our Dil can work in peace without worrying about every little noise or cry.
Next year the Company plan to have their staff back in the office, at least on some days but our Dil is very happy with the present arrangement.

Blossoming Fri 05-Mar-21 18:12:29

I had to work from home for several years due to disability. I wouldn’t have been able to work at all if my lovely employers hadn’t bent over backwards to help me get back to work. It’s had its moments, Burmese cats hate being ignored and occasionally put in an appearance in Skype meetings. I’m retired now.

M0nica Fri 05-Mar-21 18:33:09

When I ring my energy supplier, all calls are preceded by a message from the Chief executive saying that all customer service staff are working from home, so please accept that the call may have a backdrop of children playing or dogs barking.

alchemilla Tue 13-Apr-21 16:51:41

I was a minor broadcaster who could work from home eg early morning interviews down the line. So not having to drive an hour into a studio early doors was welcome. However one day with dog on lap I was half way through an interview when the postman called early (6.45am). Dog goes mad.

My most popular interview ever. But I made sure it didn't happen again.