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Would you travel in October if your daughter was due with first baby

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Nanny2020 Sat 29-May-21 17:48:08

I’m stressing about a trip my husband initiated with 3 other couples back in November , when vaccines were announced and everyone though things would go so smoothly and the world should be back to normal by fall ?!? It was a way to get through the lockdowns, something he needed to plan to look forward to. I agreed against my gut feeling that there might be issues in the future and then yes variants emerged and back logs with vaccines. We have stayed home and seen hardly no one and have one dose of vaccine .I’m sick with the thought of getting on a plane and airports and doing such a big far off destination for my first try at getting back to normal ( I have always had some travel flight anxiety in a normal world ) and wish I had never given in to the pressure to give my blessing . Then, our only daughter announces she is pregnant and due 2 weeks after our return date home!! So much can happen in a pregnancy and she could go early I would never have planned such a trip in the first place and now with this timing I feel it’s too close for comfort and I would be devestated to miss the excitement of being home for the arrival. There is an option to cancel if our destination has any travel restrictions , I’m the only one of the group concerned about travel , but the other moms say they wouldn’t want to miss the birth either. Would you back out ? ( it’s not the kind of place I could just easily hop on a plane and get back and who knows if testing and isolating will be recommended after out of country travel then ?) So many unknowns is making me sleep poorly and generally just don’t know what to do , I’d appreciate your thoughts !

Hithere Sat 29-May-21 17:53:25

For the sake of the newborn, at this point, yes, I would back out

Hithere Sat 29-May-21 17:54:42

Clarification- I would cancel both trips

B9exchange Sat 29-May-21 17:59:53

I am sure you will get a flood of replies telling you not to go, but I think you will have to weigh up the pros and cons, as only your have all the facts and know your own and your DH's feelings. If you are looking for back up saying don't go, then you will certainly get it.

Things to consider - this has been your DH's lifeline, what would cancelling it do to him?

Would you enjoy the trip if you were worrying all the time?

Is there a possibility of deferring for a few more months - though once your GC has arrived, you might not want to go at all smile

Could you go a bit earlier?

If you are going with other mums (Moms where you are?) then you say they would understand a cancellation or postponement, or would they just go without you, would you be happy with that?

Good luck with your decision making!

DiscoDancer1975 Sat 29-May-21 18:31:32

I wouldn’t go on holiday at the minute anyway, so yes, I would definitely back out. Congratulations by the way?

Redhead56 Sat 29-May-21 19:03:17

We have just cancelled a touring trip of Southern Ireland. Which we cancelled from last year and rebooked for this October. The thought of wearing a mask for the trips around puts me off. I insisted we cancel until next May. You are not alone being pressured for holidays cancel it otherwise you will make yourself ill with the worry.

CafeAuLait Sun 30-May-21 00:51:05

I was pregnant with my first when my mother was overseas on a very far distant trip. I was due three weeks after she was due to return. Of course there wasn't a pandemic but, in terms of her possibly missing out if the baby came early, I didn't mind so much. She could have met the baby when she got back. As long as my husband was there, all was well.

You may want to check how your daughter will feel about you meeting the baby after coming back from a trip. If I gave birth now, no way would anyone be coming around my baby just two weeks after being in a plane. I'd want to take at least a week longer just for extra caution.

You also have to consider your husband and how much this trip means to him. You need to live your own life too and not put it on hold in case a baby comes early.

Esspee Sun 30-May-21 05:37:14

I would cancel too.

Sparkling Sun 30-May-21 05:58:06

I would go on holiday. She isn't due until 2 weeks after your return, they are usually late. If baby comes early you've a two week window anyway. If it's really premature and she hasn't a birth partner and she's named you for the role, your travel insurance would cover the cancellation. If she has a partner surely he has a family that would be there for them. Either way just because you are not there on the day, how does that matter? Youbarevtgevmaiyou grandmother not the partner.

nanna8 Sun 30-May-21 07:22:52

It depends where it is and what that country is like as regards Covid. If it is a country with a high incidence I would cancel.

Nansnet Mon 31-May-21 05:50:17

You're already stressing out, and feeling anxious about the prospect of getting on a 'plane. And now you know your daughter is due to give birth to her first child just after you return. Frankly, it doesn't sound like you're going to enjoy the prospect of being away from home, and possibly not being around if the baby arrives early. After travel, you would no doubt have to wait a while before safely visiting your daughter, and new GC. I personally wouldn't want to be away when my daughter was due her first baby, and I know that my DH wouldn't want to be either.

You say that you and your DH have been staying home, and hardly seeing anyone ... do you really think things are going to be so massively different by October, that you'll both be happy to hop on a 'plane, and enjoy your travels? You should speak with your husband to find out how he really feels, now that your daughter is pregnant, he may feel the same as you, or he may be adamant that he still wants to go, and he'll be upset if you cancel. You should explain to him exactly how you feel, and hopefully you can make a decision together.