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At last !! Building new home

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hazel93 Mon 14-Jun-21 10:59:18

Old house now demolished . I am so excited !

Blossoming Mon 14-Jun-21 11:16:41

YANBU, I’d be excited too smile

FarNorth Mon 14-Jun-21 11:22:27


Aldom Mon 14-Jun-21 11:23:03

Good luck. Hope the build goes smoothly. Keep us updated please. smile

hazel93 Mon 14-Jun-21 11:26:58

Thanks ladies !
Scared to death TBH but an adventure if nothing else!"

silverlining48 Mon 14-Jun-21 11:38:04

Friends had their house demolished and a new even bigger one built in its place. I think one of the put together in 3 days type of house which looks very impressive. She is still getting used to the space.
Hope all goes well.

greenlady102 Mon 14-Jun-21 11:53:47

wow thats amazing I am well jell

Aveline Mon 14-Jun-21 11:55:52

Wow. Is Kevin MacLeod involved? I'm sure you've been keeping a photographic record. Once it's built could you post before and after photos? Good luck with it all anyway.

Kim19 Mon 14-Jun-21 12:04:23

There's currently a programme on Channel 5 called Room to Improve which does amazing house transformations but I've only seen one complete replacement. Fascinating. Such courageous householders. Good luck with yours, Hazel.

Welshwife Mon 14-Jun-21 12:14:26

Where are you living at the moment?

Nannarose Mon 14-Jun-21 12:26:35

Hazel93, we did this. We broke ground 10 years ago. As we did nearly all the work ourselves, it took about 18 months to final sign-off.
I kept a photo record and had it put together in one of those photo-books.
After our children, our marriage and our jobs; it is the thing in our lives we are most proud of. Every day I bless living in this house - which we could never have afforded otherwise.
I wish you optimism through the difficult times, and at the end, as much pleasure as we have from our home

Nannarose Mon 14-Jun-21 12:27:06

PS: Why in AIBU?

fiorentina51 Mon 14-Jun-21 12:36:10

We did it almost 50 years ago and are still living in it. Moved in as newlyweds, raised our children here and now our grandchildren come to stay.
I kept photos and cine film, it's nice to look back on.
We had a lot of laughs, some scary moments and were shattered by the time we finished.
Have fun!

greenlady102 Mon 14-Jun-21 13:08:31


PS: Why in AIBU?

probabaly for traffic

hazel93 Mon 14-Jun-21 13:30:39

No idea why it is in AIBU -posted on House and Home.

Nannarose Tue 15-Jun-21 10:51:35


Alioop Tue 15-Jun-21 11:22:31

A lovely new home to make new memories. Good luck with the build and if George Clark arrives from C4 give me a shout grin

FarNorth Tue 15-Jun-21 11:36:21

It was so exciting when builders actually started on our house (40 years ago) after all the planning - it had begun to feel like it was just something in my imagination.

I hope there are not too many hiccups along the way, hazel, and I know it'll feel wonderful when you can move in.

HannahLoisLuke Tue 15-Jun-21 11:37:50

My ex is an architect and it was always his ambition to build our own house. We bought a plot of land, got all the permissions then the flak from the village started. Everybody fell out with us over it, the builder was an absolute pain and the finished house, in my opinion was nowhere near as nice as our previous old converted home.
The stress if it was the beginning of the end for us, though it wasn’t just that. The truth is that I never wanted a shiny new modern house at all, I much preferred our old characterful one but he didn’t agree, so that was that.
It’s obviously different for you hazel so I hope all goes well and you get the home of your dreams.

leeds22 Tue 15-Jun-21 13:22:38

Lucky you. Hope the new build goes well. Currently on holiday, staying a nearly new house and its so lovely, really tired of my quaint old cottage at home.

Nannarose Tue 15-Jun-21 14:48:38

I have written here before, that we did loads of research for some years before doing our build - it was our hobby.

We were advised one small thing that I will share. We waited until we got planning permission through properly (only one, unreasonable objection that was soon sorted). Then, knowing there would be disruption along the street, we went round to all the houses that might be affected with a note and 2 bottles of wine ( I asked the nearest neighbour if there were any who might prefer cake).
It wouldn't have stopped a major complaint, but it did get everyone on-side and prepared to put up with minor issues.

Only a couple of weeks ago, when the pub opened and we were all outside enjoying a drink, one neighbour said 'when we got that wine we knew you were going to be good neighbours!'

And of course, each to their own, my sister lives in a 'hobbit house', but I love my new, warm, easy to clean, comfy house.

bobbydog24 Tue 15-Jun-21 20:35:18

Good luck to you. Our new build was the biggest mistake we ever made and now after my husbands death I’m full of regrets.

rubysong Tue 15-Jun-21 22:25:53

Good luck with it all. We have just come to the end of a five month extension build and now have a lovely garden room and a boot room. I hope you have good weather and agreeable builders. We had someone who grew up in our village and whose family we knew.

fiorentina51 Wed 16-Jun-21 08:18:16

We did most of the work ourselves as my future father in law was a small scale builder. We had contractors in for the electrical works, glazing and plastering but otherwise it was a family affair. Even granny helped out!
I laid the first roof tile, balanced on some rather rickety scaffolding but MIL climbed onto the roof to continue the run. That was OK until she got to the end of the building that looked out onto a 100ft drop. Then she froze, clutching onto the chimney.
She had to be coaxed off the roof, crawling on all fours, backwards.
Like I said, we had a lot of laughs! ?

JenniferEccles Wed 16-Jun-21 08:36:32

Building your own home must be high on most people’s wish list.
It’s certainly on mine if the opportunity arose !