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Our chemicals ruining the world?

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Quizzer Tue 22-Jun-21 13:01:03

AIBU to be disconcerted by the use of the words “no chemicals” in advertising and marketing. As a scientist I know that everything in the entire universe is made up of chemicals, even the human body.
I recently had a discussion with a mattress salesman who claimed that his product contained no ‘chemicals’ whatsoever. He even denied that even water was a chemical!
I know that what they really mean is ‘harmful chemicals’ or possibly ‘synthetic chemicals’, but they need to be more specific.
My other bugbear is the word ‘natural’ as though everything natural is good. The adjective ‘natural’ can apply to many products including heroine, cocaine and tobacco. Natural does not mean harmless.

nanna8 Tue 22-Jun-21 13:18:38

Yes, sugar is natural and so are many very poisonous plants after all. We have a beautiful oleander in our garden.

rafichagran Tue 22-Jun-21 13:26:28

Agree with both posts.