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Waiting for email response

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cossybabe Sun 01-Aug-21 16:43:29

My bil - whom I do not like very much, emails us - after 2 years and suggests we meet for lunch - I reply within a few hours and give a few dates ( 20) that we make - 8 days later - nothing, How long do you allow for someone to respond - they do have many other ways of contact and via other family members - aibu to feel like telling them to ----

MerylStreep Sun 01-Aug-21 16:45:53

Have you looked in your junk
It could have gone in there.

sharon103 Sun 01-Aug-21 17:00:36

Are you sure your email went through. Sometimes they don't. Have a look in your sent box or as MerylStreep said, have a look in you spam/junk box.
If not email him again.

ValerieF Sun 01-Aug-21 17:04:15

If your brother in law hadn’t been in touch for 2 years, and you haven’t wondered why? Then what do you need to do now? You have told him when you can meet up but if he doesn’t reply then no skin off your nose so what do you think you need to do? Ignore or email him again to ask if he wants to meet up? That is IF you do want to? For whatever reason? If you don’t like him I don’t know why you even want to meet up anyway after so long? Maybe more to it than you are saying?

Judy54 Sun 01-Aug-21 17:48:30

Hello cossybabe are you saying that there has been no contact with your Bil for 2 years, not phone calls, texts, emails? If so it seems strange that he should email after all this time to suggest a meet up for lunch. You say dates that we can make so I am assuming this is yourself and your partner, if so what does your partner think especially if it is his Brother. Perhaps best to discuss it together and do what you both feel is right.

Newatthis Sun 01-Aug-21 17:55:53

Do you know why he wants to meet up? You say you don’t like him but you gave him 20 dates, do you mean 2? Just wait, if he doesn’t respond then he doesn’t respond?

Kim19 Mon 02-Aug-21 07:00:04

I would make sure my mail had definitely been sent and then wait. If nothing, sobeit. Sounds like an unusual relationship to me.

Madgran77 Mon 02-Aug-21 07:44:37

I would resend email with dates, saying "Hi, I am wondering if you have a date in mind yet as I don't want to arrange something else on the date convenient for you, but lots of commitments need to go in my diary. Looking forward to a meet up" .... or something like that. However if you don't really want to see him ignore it after checking the email a truly went, and book things on the dates as necessary