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Auntieflo Tue 07-Sep-21 20:24:09

AIBU in thinking that my car should be in the same condition when handed back, as it was when we left it for service?

The car and service was fine, until we noticed that our Dash Cams were not working, and not showing on the internal screen.
We were told that cameras were turned off in the workshop, so that very expensive tools in the garage workshop, were not seen and perhaps purloined. ?

A young chap came and fiddled with wires and plugs, and it appeared to be OK. The forward facing one worked.
Then we noticed that the back camera was not showing, on the screen.

DH phoned the garage and was told " the dash cam was not a Ford part, therefore it is not their problem!"

I think, not unreasonably that they should look at it again.

M0nica Tue 07-Sep-21 21:23:32

It doesn't matter if it was a Ford part or not. If it was working when you took it in it should be working when you collect the car.

Why not ring Trading Standards and find out what your position is and then quote them to bash the garage around the head.

timetogo2016 Sun 12-Sep-21 12:05:26

I agree with M0nica 100%.

cornergran Sun 12-Sep-21 15:57:57

Totally agree auntieflo, the car should come back exactly as you left it. Our beef with our garage is less difficult to sort, they change settings for the lights and wipers. We have to remember to reset them each time we pick the car up. . Trivial but irritating

Newatthis Sun 12-Sep-21 16:11:23

If you don't solve it then name and shame on their web site or Trustpilot.

Auntieflo Sat 18-Sep-21 16:08:46

A quick update on the dash cam saga.
I suppose I have to apologise to Ford, just a little bit.
DH took the car back to Halfords, where the dash cam was originally fitted.
One of the chaps came back and said that whoever had fitted it in the first place, had done a bodged job! ?
So, they have now traced the fault, put right the missing? parts, and all is working and tickety boo.
A big Thank You to Halfords, for owning up to their mistake and rectifying it.

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 18-Sep-21 16:34:42

All’s well that ends well! My car always comes back with the radio tuned to some ghastly station belting out ghastly ‘music’, and turned up to full volume. Gives me a real jolt when I turn it on!