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Why do they do that!

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sunseeker Fri 15-Oct-21 13:15:35

Having recently moved I am looking for a company to advise/design my garden (I am not a gardener). I have contacted several explaining the sort of thing I need and each have said they could help, I then hear nothing else!

One company made two appointments the first of which they cancelled and the second they didn't turn up. I did receive an email saying "something had come up" and they would be in touch - that was over a week ago. Two others expressed interest and said they would be in touch, not heard anything further. A fourth emailed to say they could definitely help me and asking for a contact telephone number and they would ring me that day - that was two days ago!

Why do companies express interest in a job if they are not interested in doing it! This is so frustrating! angry

Elizabeth27 Fri 15-Oct-21 13:18:47

I assume it is because they get a more profitable job that they do not want to turn down.

The same happened to me when trying to find someone to clean my sofas, three companies contacted none turned up.

Nonogran Fri 15-Oct-21 17:08:44

Situations as you describe are endemic! I fear there is no hope these days in getting contractors or trades to respond. They have no customer service skills, don’t understand customer management & generally take the pi*s. They simply don’t care. It’s what the worlds come to I’m afraid.
I hope eventually you’ll find someone to help you but don’t hold your breath! It’s very frustrating and I feel your pain. Good luck.

Hetty58 Fri 15-Oct-21 17:14:34

I know a landscape gardener who 'wastes' several days a week - going out to discuss, do designs and quotes for people - then isn't contacted to do the work.

He has to limit the time and distance involved, or he'd never make a decent living!

MerylStreep Fri 15-Oct-21 17:16:54

It’s unfortunate/fortunate? that there is so much money floating around in our bank a/c that they can take their pick.

ninathenana Fri 15-Oct-21 17:26:01

Call Charlie Dimmock ??
Sorry, couldn't resist.
I hope you find someone soon.