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Groundhog Day? Scottish Power

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ValerieF Sat 04-Dec-21 17:55:18

Anybody got any suggestions? Am totally EXHAUSTED ?

So …. I moved into a new place 18 months ago. At time I took meter readings and discovered the electricity had been supplied by Scottish Power so I phoned them and gave a meter reading, set up my own account with them. All good - yes? Then after 3 months the “house” started receiving letters from Scottish Power saying that (no name attached) owed £150 in back charges. I phoned Scottish Power and explained it wasn’t mine, gave them my readings when I moved in and they acknowledged it wasn’t MY debt. Great - all sorted eh? NOPE. letters kept arriving regularly from Scottish Power and I sent them back “not known” etc. can say in excess of 6 letters. THEN got an unrecognizable letter to my house (just number no name) so I opened it. Was from a debt collecting agency who had apparently taken over “the case”. I then phoned the agency and explained in great detail what had happened. The guy there listened to me, sympathised and said he would take it from there! Great I thought EXCEPT I then received numerous letters from this debt collection firm, all of which I returned with “not known”. Eventually, all stopped - phew. THEN after SIX months, last week another letter has been received from SCOTTISH POWER demanding payment and threatening with putting in hands of debt collectors!!! Grrrr Groundhog Day or what??? Anybody got any ideas ?‍♀️ I mean what else can I do???

Smileless2012 Sat 04-Dec-21 18:00:34

You need to contact the Energy Ombudsman Valerie and get them to take on your case.

What a nightmareshock.

Fleur20 Sat 04-Dec-21 18:01:10

[email protected]..... email address for Scottish Power CEO..

Speak to the organ grinder...

ValerieF Sat 04-Dec-21 18:24:36

Thank you ? Fleur20 will do x