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Sallywally1 Sun 05-Dec-21 12:23:33

I ordered a lovely velvet patchwork bed covering from John Lewis and paid with some vouchers I had as a retirement leaving present. Yodel delivered it but left it on the porch on top of some bags with clothes which were waiting to be picked. The clothes were duly picked up and they also took my John Lewis parcel! I rung the company and they brought it back today luckily, but am I being unreasonable to be annoyed with yodel? The yodel driver stated my parcel had been delivered.

Anyone else had bad experiences with them?

Mishy Sun 05-Dec-21 12:32:45

Sounds like you were unlucky with collection/delivery, at least you have it back so all well that ends well. No problems with Yodel here but that is probably the kiss of death!

25Avalon Sun 05-Dec-21 12:38:55

I have a very good Yodel courier. Things only go wrong when he is on holiday. I usually track my parcel and it gives a time slot followed by an email confirming delivery so chances of it being taken are minimal. Had a delivery this morning with no problems. It’s a good idea to keep tracking. Mine told me where I was in the queue so I was looking out for it.

Dickens Sun 05-Dec-21 12:44:55

... what to say?

I've had both bad and good experiences with Yodel. It seems to depend on the courier.

The only one that has been consistently good is UPS.

Glad you got your bed cover back though!

H1954 Sun 05-Dec-21 12:49:04

I've not had much experience with Yodel but Hermes deliveries around here are a disgrace! We were have some work done inside our home and the tradesman put a bin liner full of rubbish in the porch ready to take to his van for disposal. I was waiting for a Marks & Spencer delivery by Hermes. I didn't see the delivery van myself but a message popped up on my phone along with a photo........the stupid driver had dumped the delivery, also wrapped in black plastic, in the bin liner in the porch! Fortunately we rescued it before the tradesman took it away.
No point in trying to complain to Hermes, they just ignore you! This is just another pitfall with online shopping, I much prefer going instore and purchasing over the counter.

Sallywally1 Sun 05-Dec-21 13:20:14

Perhaps I was just unlucky. I had tracked the item and it stated it had been delivered, so I assumed it had been left with a neighbour as I was out.

Never mind. The bed cover is lovely!

Poppyred Sun 05-Dec-21 13:26:37

It very much depends on the person who’s delivering. Had no problem with HERMES until a few weeks ago when someone else took over. Now we have an email at least twice a week stating that there has been a delay with delivery.
Now dpd are another matter, no common sense at all! We left instructions asking them to leave any parcels in a safe place, but we always get a card saying sorry that we missed you and will try again tomorrow! ??
We can track any YODEL parcels online down to time of delivery, so very efficient.

BlueBelle Sun 05-Dec-21 13:31:47

Well on this occasion no I don’t think it was their fault, how would they know it was not a package left for you by another driver They left it in a safe place inside your porch out of the weather and they can’t mind read
A lot of the horror stories are awful but not this time
You could equally blame the bag collectors for taking a clearly addressed parcel along with their charity bags
Anyway glad you got it back safely

Ro60 Sun 05-Dec-21 13:41:39

Seems to be standard for deliveries - I've heard of and experienced parcels in my wheelie bin, parcels dropped over my locked gate, a card through my door - but not filled in, a card through my door when I Was in!
Don't know why I keep expecting things to improve.
Yodel, Hermes both just as bad.

LauraNorderr Sun 05-Dec-21 13:43:29

I came on this thread looking for Frank Ifield
Yodel o a dee

fiorentina51 Sun 05-Dec-21 13:44:07

I've had no problems that I can think of with Yodel, but Hermes is another matter. I have complained to the company but not got a reply. The next time we had issues, I took photos off our cctv and sent them to Marks and Spencer. I thought that if I showed them how their goods are "delivered" it might make them rethink their contract.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 05-Dec-21 15:31:36

I think M&S might have dumped Hermes, for small packages anyway. My pot of face cream and bra arrived in separate bags with the postman last week rather than the usual Hermes. Yippee!

TillyTrotter Sun 05-Dec-21 15:44:39

I’m glad you salvaged your new bed cover Sallywally.
Around here there are good couriers, no-so-good ones and new starters who sometimes get the right house number but wrong street.
Royal Mail swap the postal staff around all the time and they don’t get to know their rounds.
DPD are the most dependable but are probably the most expensive.

Pammie1 Sun 05-Dec-21 15:46:47

I could write a book on delivery companies. Having a mobility problem, I mostly buy online. Yodel, UPS and DPD seem to be among the better couriers, although I have had one or two minor problems with Yodel. Hermes are the absolute worst and I now find myself checking before I buy to make sure retailers aren’t using them. They’re incapable of honouring next day delivery commitments, packages arrive opened and they almost never deliver within the advised delivery window. I once waited in on three separate occasions for a parcel which failed to show up twice and was then delivered to the wrong house - when I complained I was told that as far as they were concerned it had been delivered !! Luckily it had been delivered a few doors away and the neighbour brought it along for me. I’ve had packages thrown over the gate into the back garden and even left in a wheelie bin. I once had to deal with an angry woman on my doorstep. She’d waited in for Hermes and had an email to say the parcel had been delivered - it hadn’t and she was convinced the GPS details she’d been sent as proof of delivery meant they had delivered to me, which they hadn’t !! They’re a nightmare.

Pammie1 Sun 05-Dec-21 15:48:11


I came on this thread looking for Frank Ifield
Yodel o a dee

Oh my goodness, now there’s a blast from the past. Didn’t he sing ‘ I remember you-uuuuuu’ ?!! Showing my age now !

LauraNorderr Sun 05-Dec-21 15:51:36

I think he did Pammie.

Pammie1 Sun 05-Dec-21 15:53:40


I think M&S might have dumped Hermes, for small packages anyway. My pot of face cream and bra arrived in separate bags with the postman last week rather than the usual Hermes. Yippee!

I noticed that - bought some bits and pieces in separate orders from M&S online and all arrived via Royal Mail. I think some companies might be getting the message about Hermes. I’ve ordered a few things from Sainsbury’s Tu range online - they use Hermes, and not once have they ever managed to meet the next day delivery service. When I rang Tu to let them know, the adviser said they had had lots of similar complaints. Still using them though.

mrsgreenfingers56 Sun 05-Dec-21 16:03:17

Oh well at least you got it in the end.

We lost our parcel due to Hermes who decided to put in my black wheelie bin when we went away on a very last minute holiday. Neighbour puts the bin out thinking she is doing me a favour and guess what? Our parcel ends up at the tip! Hermes wouldn't help and the seller wouldn't replace our parcel so lost out. When Hermes came again and I told her what had happened she was extremely abusive and aggressive with me telling me I shouldn't have gone away last minute and starting using the F word at me! Charming indeed. Would never ever use Hermes again and the Police ended up being informed due to her aggressive behaviour and hitting my husband over the shoulder with her signing module when he told her to leave our premises. Dear me what a carry on for a parcel and vile behaviour from the Hermes driver.