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No Birthday or mothers day gift this year

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Maddison Tue 26-Apr-22 15:25:57

I have been going through a bit of a bad time lately, i have been suffering from Anxiety due to covid restrictions like many other people, it got to a point where i didn't want to be in my own home so i went to stay with my daughter, while i was there my son called to see me on mothers day and gave me a card but no present like he usually does the week before it was my birthday he sent a card but no present he normally gets me something nice for mothers day and birthday last week i asked him if he had left my presents at he's house he said he was going to pick something up and bring it to my house but wasn't sure i would be there so didn't get me anything i have since met them for lunch but i paid for my own meal i thought they were taking me out for a birthday treat i got that wrong
i am feeling let down by him especially when i haven't been well he and he's partner have well paid jobs so they could have afforded it
i never forget theirs or my grand daughters birthday
in fact my grandaughters birthday is the same day as mine and when we went for lunch i gave her her birthday money which i love doing and would never stop
My daughter got me some lovely gifts i'm just puzzled as to why he thinks it's okay not to bother

Goldbeater1 Tue 26-Apr-22 16:23:02

My guess is - if he usually buys you something nice - that he forgot, and didn’t want to say so. It’s easy to get a card at the last minute, not so easy to choose a nice present. Give it a couple of weeks and see. Are you sure he hasn’t got money worries? Sometimes we hide these things very successfullly from our nearest and dearest.

Elizabeth27 Tue 26-Apr-22 16:58:24

Maybe he is stopping present giving, I would like that to happen in my family, we all have too much stuff.

Maddison Tue 26-Apr-22 16:59:31

Hi he never forgets my birthday, the card arrived a few days before
he has no money worries He's wife and himself are on a high salery and he has just inherited some money quite a bit actually
it just upset me he remembered the cards but no gift it just hurt my feelings especially as i haven't been too good Anxiety wise even some flowers would have cheered me up

Maddison Tue 26-Apr-22 17:01:29


Maybe he is stopping present giving, I would like that to happen in my family, we all have too much stuff.

that's a good idea i might suggest to them we only get cards from this year on as we usually spend a lot of money on their birthdays

pooohbear2811 Sat 14-May-22 17:36:26

Maybe he just doesn't know what to buy?