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Mollygo Fri 23-Sep-22 22:12:07

Is it reasonable to have mixed sex teams for a contact sport like rugby?

MawtheMerrier Fri 23-Sep-22 22:59:54


grumppa Fri 23-Sep-22 23:10:54


Sago Fri 23-Sep-22 23:18:36

Heavens no!
Have you seen the size of some rugby players?

henetha Fri 23-Sep-22 23:20:03

Absolutely not.

mokryna Sat 24-Sep-22 00:19:46

There is an interview on YouTube with gold medalist Sharron Davies which explains how unfair it would for some.

Sharron Davies: A Women's Sports Alliance Interview

welbeck Sat 24-Sep-22 03:01:55

i wonder if rugby can continue in its present form at all, esp for under 18s.
the risks of head injury are becoming better known and legal cases will follow.
mixing the sexes adds to this risk.

Nannarose Sat 24-Sep-22 08:30:07

I haven't seen this story - there are mixed teams for 'tag' rugby which is popular as a family & 'pick up' game, and is played by the younger children. Obviously that's 'no contact'.
And welbeck - I agree that rugby needs a big re-think; not least that parents will simply vote with their feet. I think that 'tag' rugby is a useful part of this debate.

I have no axe to grind with any sport, but from my own children and GCs, I see rugby as a much more inclusive and open sport than football, which is expensive and super-competitive at very young age. One of my GCs - like me, a rather clunky kid in a sporty family, loves rugby where he is part of the team and gets on the pitch at every fixture. He has been rejected by almost every football team he has tried for, and is now on the sidelines at the only one that would take him (he is 8!). He pays the same every week as for a whole season of rugby. We would all quite like him to stop football, but they live in an area where the kids talk more about football than rugby.

Sago Sat 24-Sep-22 10:04:30

I used to dread Saturdays when our youngest was playing in rugby matches, we lived 250 miles away from school.
If the phone rang I always dreaded the worst.
He is now 28 and lives overseas where he is still playing rugby, an injury means he is currently coaching and not playing, I am mighty relieved!
It’s a hard and dangerous game but if your son or daughter has the rugby big there is little you can do.

welbeck Sat 24-Sep-22 14:14:47

the legal and ethical question is if minors can give informed consent for a potentially dangerous activity, esp as some of the harm may not become obvious for several years, and is only being properly explored medically in the last few years.
it could lead to test cases where individuals sue their parents/schools/clubs/RFU etc.

Mollygo Sat 24-Sep-22 17:53:25

I believe mixed sex Rugby teams (apart from tag rugby which isn’t a contact sport) have been banned in most parts of the UK. Pre teens evidently do play in mixed teams, but not adults.

Shelflife Wed 19-Oct-22 23:59:48

Mixed sex rugby - NO!!
Rugby is a dangerous game , far too many head injuries . Can't imagine why anyone wants to play but I do respect the rights of those adults who want to play . As for school rugby , no , no no !!!!!!

J52 Thu 20-Oct-22 00:23:49

As a ‘Rugby Mum’ in the past, I spent many an unhappy hour in A&E and at his knee surgery. But my DS loved the game and played in Colt National tournaments. It certainly teaches discipline, team spirit and respect for others.
Eventually in his 20s he realised that a repetitive shoulder injury was not good news, so he gave up the game.
I don’t think mixed teams are at all a good idea.