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Adverts are mega-productions nowadays!

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Margs Tue 27-Dec-22 15:20:19

Adverts have beyond describing a product/service and hammering home it's finer points and imploring us to buy.

Now they are lavish and over-the-top musical productions,all-singing,dancing,Shakespearean almost with comedy,pathos,gravitas and not to mention sickly-sweet sentiment.

And,eventually,the product gets shoved in our faces amidst all this overwhelming razzamatazz.

Oh for the days of the good old simple (and straight to the point) Oxo ads.


Oldbat1 Tue 27-Dec-22 15:24:04

If we have to watch ads we mute them! If only we could fast forward live tv.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 27-Dec-22 16:03:58

Advertising is a £billion industry, provides employment and the opportunity to learn many skills.

Filmography, directing, finance, makeup, costumes, electrical, scenery, logistics to name just a few.

25Avalon Sat 31-Dec-22 13:56:37

Good time to nip to the loo or get a cuppa.

nexus63 Sat 31-Dec-22 13:58:23

glad i do not have a tv.

ExperiencedNotOld Sat 31-Dec-22 14:11:34

And just how many start and make you think that you can’t remember what an earth it was meant to be advertising.

grannysyb Sat 31-Dec-22 16:25:02

We also mute the ads.

Sago Sat 31-Dec-22 16:33:49

Remember the Martini ads and Nescafé Gold?
They were quite something for the day.

AmberSpyglass Sat 31-Dec-22 16:51:36

I’d much rather have a dramatic spectacle I might enjoy if I have to sit through them, rather than something bland exerting me to buy something I’m not interested in!

Chestnut Sat 31-Dec-22 16:58:04

Well I agree that if you're forced to watch something it might as well be entertaining. We'd probably get very bored watching the same old adverts for 40 years or more. However, I record everything and fast forward the adverts so very rarely see them.