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Hellogirl1 Mon 13-Feb-23 23:12:56

I`ve been moaning quite a bit lately to my daughter regarding her carers. They`re mostly wonderful people, and some of them try to help me out by washing up for me, which I really do appreciate. The bugbear is that a lot of the time the pots and cutlery still have food stuck to them, also they wash half and leave the other half. I don`t want to say anything because I don`t want to seem ungrateful, but I find myself checking every time they wash up now. AIBU to moan about it?

Serendipity22 Mon 13-Feb-23 23:28:20

You get conscientious carers and those that seemingly don't take on-board what is necessary. I was a carer myself and as soon as i stepped over the threshold of whoever's house, i treat them and their property with respect and that included washing up ( believe you me some left a weeks worth )
If its becoming unreadable then i would ring the office and explain that way all the carers who attend can be informed.

Serendipity22 Mon 13-Feb-23 23:29:10

Ooops unreasonable

Hellogirl1 Mon 13-Feb-23 23:35:59

Like I said, I don`t want to complain to them, because I really am grateful that they think enough of me to do it. I just feel that in my own mind I`m being unreasonable.

Serendipity22 Mon 13-Feb-23 23:46:15

But if its niggling you then you have to do A or B .... either say something or don't. Im not saying that in an off manner, these are just words typed out, im being understanding to the situation, if its always the same carer who attends and doesnt wash up properly then have a 'nice' word with her, if you don't say something it will continue.

MayBee70 Tue 14-Feb-23 05:34:35

I hate anyone else doing my washing up. I’m the untidiest person in the world, being a terrible hoarder, but when it comes to washing up I’m a bit obsessive. Everything has to be rinsed in hot water! If I come to use eg a saucepan and find I’d missed a bit when it had been washed I have to wash it again.

timetogo2016 Thu 16-Feb-23 15:29:58

I would just tell them straight,leave it or do it right.

AGAA4 Thu 16-Feb-23 16:46:01

Are you able to buy a dishwasher? Just a thought If you can it would sort this problem.

nadateturbe Thu 16-Feb-23 21:33:49

It's annoying, yes, but I wouldn't say anything.

Hellogirl1 Thu 16-Feb-23 21:45:45

AGAA4, I`d love a dishwasher, but just don`t have any room for one. The carers are mostly lovely people, so I`ll probably just put up and shut up, don`t want to offend or seem unappreciative. Thank you for all your replies.

pandapatch Thu 16-Feb-23 21:50:49

So these are your daughter's carers, and your Washing up isn't part of their job?? So I would either say nothing or just say, nicely, " you really don't need to do that- I know how busy you are

loopyloo Fri 17-Feb-23 07:47:23

The carers only have a certain amount of time so probably have to go to the next client.

HowVeryDareYou2 Fri 17-Feb-23 14:15:21

I worked as a Community Carer for many years. If it is in the care plan for them to wash up, they should do it. If it isn't, they are trying to do you a favour. Tell them not to.

busybeejay Fri 17-Feb-23 14:38:37

Every day after our evening meal(cooked by OH mainly) I say leave the washing up for me.His reply”there are only 2 plates”.Not.We have a dishwasher but he can’t stand the thought of dirty plates in the dishwasher waiting until there is a decent load.

aonk Sun 05-Mar-23 11:39:24

I expect the carers have good intentions but need to rush the washing up to get to their next client.

62Granny Sun 05-Mar-23 11:45:56

What does it matter if you give them another wash after they leave? You would have to wash them anyway. Or you could say just leave the saucepan to soak with some washing up liquid as sometimes the food sticks I'll sort it later.

Hellogirl1 Sun 05-Mar-23 12:22:12

Most of your replies make it sound as if I expect and don`t appreciate. Nothing could be further from the truth. I know it isn`t their job to do my washing up, I`ve told them to leave it for me, but most of them still muck in and do it. I really do appreciate all that they do, they`re worth their weight in gold!