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Home office woes seem never ending.

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taurusmmukpp Sat 11-Mar-23 16:01:44

I can remember when I was a youngster in the sixties my dad’s home office was the rent book, an insurance policy a few medical cards and two or three other forms or paperwork. This was kept in a safe place behind the clock on the mantlepiece.

Fast forward to today and the amount of “paper” we have to process is staggering , and one thing that really annoys me is when we get a new insurance policy, we have to make sure it’s correct or we may not be covered for whatever, in the old days it seemed much easier. I am quite lucky because my wife is excellent at sorting most of the office work, and before I am condemned by my admission my wife tells me I’m no good at it. Does anyone else feel like this or is it just me.

tanith Sat 11-Mar-23 17:37:45

I usually plump for ‘paperless’ nowadays, no bank statements, tv licence, insurances, some bills it can all be accessed online.

M0nica Sat 11-Mar-23 18:23:25

I save the online material offline. I have had too many arguments with companies making claims about what has happened on my account, which I am unable to verify because i did not keep ffline, (not paper) copies.

DD recently had a barney with her water company, when they were threatening to send bailiffs in, despite not having sent her a bi. It was her own separately saved records that proved that she had sent her meter reading in when requested, even though the company said she hadn't. When she gave them the proof they rechecked their record, and shame feacedly agreed she was right.

cc Sat 11-Mar-23 18:30:59

I prefer paper to paperless as I like to have a record, but don't do the filing myself as my husband seems to actively enjoy it. I don't know what I'll do if I'm ever left to fend for myself.
I do file my emails meticulously within my email program though, so can usually find things somewhere in there.

Jaxjacky Sat 11-Mar-23 18:35:21

I file everything online as all of my utilities, mobiles, insurance and everything else is paid for online.
What’s annoying, is to get duplicate hard copy.

taurusmmukpp Sat 11-Mar-23 21:15:09

We try to do offline copies, and sometimes even print as well as take screenshots, but it has to be collated meticulously but even so it’s an almighty amount of faffing about. As my wife is a child minder she already has an enormous amount of paperwork to shuffle as it is, but thankfully she is retiring in August after 37 years. It has been a good living for us but mighty stressful at times. She was hoping to retire before she had her OFSTED inspection, but they are coming out in the next few weeks, luckily everything is in order so she is not worried.