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Really disappointed with my hairdressers after 12 years of loyalty.

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Sago Fri 18-Aug-23 12:15:16

We leave tomorrow morning at 7.00am for our road trip across Spain to our daughters wedding.
All the jobs are done, today was hairdresser and then the final pack.

As I walked into the hairdressers there was a look of surprise and I knew something was wrong!

My hairdresser has had to go into hospital which is very unfortunate and was supposed to let me know, except she didn’t!

I asked her colleague if she could fit me and it was not possible.
She knew this appointment was for the wedding.

I have had to trawl through every salon in the area to get a much needed appointment and by some miracle a nice young man has fitted me in at 5 this evening!

I am nervous as heck though as I’ve used the same hairdresser for 12 years!

I don’t think I will return to this salon AIBU?

Casdon Fri 18-Aug-23 12:23:14

Yes, I think you are. I’m sure your hairdresser didn’t plan to go into hospital, and it’s understandable that she had other things on her mind and forgot to ring you. She had probably told the other hairdresser at the salon that she would do it, hence the surprise when you arrived yesterday.

Sago Fri 18-Aug-23 12:27:27

This was this morning!
It should have been the duty of her perfectly well colleague and salon owner to call her clients.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 18-Aug-23 12:30:19

I have had a similar experience, the salon contacted me and fitted me in with someone else.

Sounds like the salons communication problem, as opposed to your hairdresser who understandably is concentrating on her own health.

Casdon Fri 18-Aug-23 12:30:25

But she may have said she’d do it, which is what you said in your original post? I wouldn’t leave a hairdresser who I’d built up a relationship for 12 years with because of one mistake.

BlueBelle Fri 18-Aug-23 12:31:55

I m sure it was a total mistake and poor lady probably didn’t know whether she was coming or going I can also feel how disappointed and upset you are, I would be too, but to boycott for the future feels like a knee jerk reaction
Perhaps you ll like this young man as much or even better
It’s a real bugger going to a new hairdresser I changed last year but I m so pleased I did , £10 cheaper nearer my house and just as good if not better

glammanana Fri 18-Aug-23 12:40:55

I feel for your disappointment it was obviously a mistake on their half but maybe you have been lucky and found a new hairdresser in the aftermath and be very pleased with him.Enjoy your time away flowers

eazybee Fri 18-Aug-23 12:53:57

I think you would be foolish to sever your link with a hairdresser you presumably have been satisfied with for twelve years. She may have said she would contact you but in view of an unexpected trip to hospital she could be forgiven for forgetting.
The salon should have taken responsibility for informing you, but depending on how large it is, it is always difficult to accommodate staff absences. Take your complaint up with the salon, not your hairdresser, who presumably is not feeling so good. Loyalty works both ways.

Lathyrus Fri 18-Aug-23 12:56:04

Did they say why she had to go to hospital unexpectedly?

Foxygloves Fri 18-Aug-23 12:58:24

My hairdresser has had to go into hospital which is very unfortunate and was supposed to let me know, except she didn’t !
I imagine that if it was unplanned and even an emergency, contacting her client list was the last thing on her mind!

Jaxjacky Fri 18-Aug-23 13:09:21

I’d be more concerned for the poorly hairdresser than my hair, there are hairdressers in Europe.

Theexwife Fri 18-Aug-23 13:15:49

It was a mistake, maybe you are being too sensitive as you are nervous about your trip.

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 18-Aug-23 14:15:52

I understand your annoyance but I certainly wouldn’t leave a good hairdresser over this if it hasn’t happened before - though who knows, you might find you prefer the chap you’re seeing later!

Grantanow Fri 18-Aug-23 15:02:10

Get over it!

Fleurpepper Fri 18-Aug-23 15:53:16

A mistake in an emergency- she may have had to make arrangements for children, elderly parent, etc, etc. So yes, wrong to blame her, even if very annoying.

Poppyred Fri 18-Aug-23 15:58:47

I would give her a chance to explain when she’s better. But who knows, you may have found a real gem in the meantime.

Wenmore Fri 18-Aug-23 17:29:51

I don't think you should go back, she may well be relieved.

FindingNemo15 Fri 18-Aug-23 18:29:33

She should have asked someone else to inform her appointments and they should have fitted you in.

foxie48 Fri 18-Aug-23 19:27:11

When all said and done, it's just "hair" but I absolutely understand that you are upset. I care about my hair but if I am absolutely honest, no-one else does. I hope your appt goes OK but even if it doesn't, just try to put it behind you and enjoy yourself. The thing about weddings is that it's really all about the bride and groom, the rest of us are just there to share in their joy (regardless of our hair)!

Ali08 Sun 27-Aug-23 04:55:26

I'm assuming the hairdresser knew a hospital stay was coming up but didn't have an exact date, by what you said. So, by that I'd also assume the other staff at the salon would also have known and should have been prepared to take on her clients, so THEY are in the wrong NOT the poor woman in hospital!!!

BlueBelle Sun 27-Aug-23 05:06:57

But you are presuming Ali she could have had something happen suddenly which took her to hospital I would have thought if she had known there was an up and coming hospital visit ( but not known the date) she would have mentioned it at previous appointments
Sounds more like an emergency
Anyway we are 10 days in so the haircut is done, the road trip done and I expect the wedding is done too Hopefully the haircut went ok and all enjoyed themselves and the sky hasn’t fell in

NotSpaghetti Sun 27-Aug-23 06:44:22

How was it Sago?

Sago Sun 27-Aug-23 06:58:45

NotSpaghetti My hair colour and cut was huge success thank you, we are still travelling through Spain, the wedding is on Saturday.

I think a lot of posters think I’m selfish, not at all, my first thoughts were of my hairdresser, it wasn’t an emergency situation, the salon owner knew she wouldn’t be able to honour appointments on the Friday and Saturday but they didn’t contact me, the appointment was booked 3 months in advance and they knew it was for the wedding.
I had held off having the colour done on the hairdressers advice, it was looking grim!

Chardy Sun 27-Aug-23 07:44:50

The salon should have rung clients, and sorted out cover. It's my limited experience that the stylists in the area know a lot of other stylists, and should have been able to find a hairdresser to come in at short notice.

NotSpaghetti Sun 27-Aug-23 08:03:59

sago I'm delighted it was a success.
It may not be essential to have great hair for a wedding but I understand how stressful it can be if you are counting on something and it goes wrong at the last minute.

Have a lovely day next weekend. 🥂