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I want my money back too - from Thames Water!

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Alie2Oxon Wed 13-Sep-23 12:49:25

I just had a bill, and on the front page it said GOOD NEWS.
When I go to about page 5, it revealed that they have £377 odd of mine in hand, from my payments for several years; as it's been estimated and they didn't send a man to read the meter until last month. They propose to use it for next year's payments!
This is not good news.
I am disabled and can't get to read the meter at the back of a cupboard. - had no idea of this until I got the bill.

What's the best way of getting it back?

ParlorGames Thu 14-Sep-23 07:52:33

It has always been my understanding that utility companies are not allowed to hold customers excess payments made via Direct Debit but I might be wrong. Either way, I don't know what the balance limit is but I am confident some other GNetters will correct me on this.

In your position I would certainly complain to the water company and also raise this matter with your local MP.

I will watch this thread with interest though.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a positive outcome Alie.

Oldnproud Thu 14-Sep-23 08:15:40

If you havent already tried it, I suggest simply asking them to refund that excess immediately rather than offsetting it against next year's bills. Preferably by email rather than phone, so that there is a record of your asking and of their response, which can be useful if you need to take the matter further.

Regarding the meter though - as it has to be read manually, I presume that it isn't a smart meter? I would ask Thames Water if they can remedy that right away, so that future bills are not based on wild estimates.