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Bonfire night

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Nelliepara10 Sun 10-Nov-13 20:04:00

It's not the same. We got our Standard fireworks box on the night. Before that we were busy stocking. Going into the park after the Keeper had left. Silhouetted against the sky festooned with branches and twigs we looked like a line of wild animals. The twigs turning into horns or peacocks tails. No security men in glowing yellow jackets, no fancy stalls. Mrs Lomax made several meat and potato pies cooked in enamel washing up bowls, Mrs Walker made the Parkin and Mrs Green the treacle toffee. The men were in charge of the roasting spuds. There might be a few burnt fingers from the spuds and clothes sometimes smouldered from the flying sparks. But I don't recall any major incidents.

The fireworks weren't as good. Jumping jacks were the only ones we found a little frightening. Catherine wheels did not always spin and Rockets did not always soar out of their milk bottles. But we had a good time. I still would like to go to a bonfire and love the smoky smell which brings back so many memories.

There is one thing though that really makes me very angry and it is the reason why I have not been to a bonfire for many years. At present, panting and shaking from head to toe, Lucy , my dog will either be sitting in the shower, or the downstairs toilet, or inside a wardrobe. She is absolutely terrified. I have tried all the remedies, calming tablets which if you follow the instructions cost about £15, sedatives which cost over £20 and the plug in things which are supposed to give out the reassuring scent of a mum.

She doesn't eat, drink or relieve herself for approximately 16hours. She has, thankfully never had an accident. In fact I am seriously, when she passes on, considering selling off her DNA .

Why am I angry. It's only one night of the year. Today is the 10th of November and for the last nine days we have had fireworks from 4pm until anywhere between 10pm and 2am. I would love to know who is letting them off then Lucy and I could walk round when everyone's asleep and she can bark her little head off.

Tegan Sun 10-Nov-13 20:33:55

Check out the 'to expect a peaceful evening without fireworks' thread! I was wondering about ear plugs the other night. And I might invest in a thundershirt just to see if they work [they do say you get a refund if they don't].

shysal Sun 10-Nov-13 20:48:38

link for thundershirt

LizG Mon 11-Nov-13 06:43:22

Know just what you mean Nellie my dog gets back from the night time walk in record breaking time when the fireworks start. Your description of the firework parties really took me back, thank you.

I was scared of fireworks even then and remember wearing a pair of my mother's ankle boots to one such event. A firework went into the boot and my mother was cross with ME! I was cowering as far away from the fireworks as I could and some stupid boy thought it would be a good joke to play. With today's fireworks I would probably have lost my foot.

MrsSB Mon 11-Nov-13 07:15:54

My dog is the same. He won't leave the house after about 4pm, and holds it all in til my husband gets up for work at 5.30am and takes him out. We've tried the CDs, we've tried finding him a hiding place, we've tried tablets from the vet. Nothing has helped. We just have one very frightened little dog.

I wonder sometimes if those letting off the fireworks could just see the absolute terror in his eyes whether it would make them think about what they're doing. I suppose though that would be too much to hope for it today's "I can, so I will" society.