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A life in Sheffield in the 50’s (Part 2)

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DerekY Thu 08-Sep-16 11:57:41

As you get older the world gets a little bigger. I went to school at Crookesmoor J & I school after attending a day nursery at Broomhill by having a journey in the inner circular Sheffield Corporation bus that crawled up Addy Street after turning of Ash burry rd at about 10 mph as it got onto the steep hill. Unlike now the enterance onto the bus was open and people either dropped off or jumped on between stops by passengers as the bus, as it went passed Crookesmoor Schools.
When I first started in the infant’s school there were no kitchens, not long after we got there. A pungent smell of pre cooked mashed potatoes spread its way through the school as the lunch time dinners were brought in. We were in the downstairs hall that was used as a classroom with our teacher being Mrs Oliver who we had for most of our lessons.
At lunch time I was very fortunate as I use to get picked up by either car or on one of my Grandfathers coaches (G.E. Whitley coaches). I was then taken to my grandmothers and was treated to a cooked meal fetched across the road from a café to there house.

Out of school I went on many journeys on the coach trips which were regular visits all over the north taking Sheffield United Harriers Walking club to the various competitions. The no1 walker in the club was a man from Chesterfield by the name of Roland Hardy who won the Sheffield “Star Walk” on a few occasions. Many Working men’s club trips over the 6 weeks holiday going to Cleethorpes, Bridlington, Mabelthorpe, Skegness etc. I got my bag of crisps bottle of pop and money to spend at the arcades.
Most of the WMC are closed now Dial House, St Phillips (Radford Street), Firth Park, Arundel, Manor Social etc.
Also were many Sunday trips to Boston and Barton on Humber to take fishermen for there day out (more r to come in part3).

MargaretX Fri 09-Sep-16 20:48:26

HI Derek you make living in Shefield sound as boring as it really was! I was glad to get away!

merlotgran Fri 09-Sep-16 21:00:39

So was DH.

DerekY Sat 10-Sep-16 15:28:54

If you think that the way that the North has been treated by the government can you see any improvements.