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Gagagran Thu 09-Aug-12 06:52:38

We have decided that in our new retirement location on the south coast we really don't need two cars. We both have bikes and the old MPV is going to need an expensive service before it passes its MOT. Vehicle licence is £170 then there is also insurance. It's just not worth it for us. So the next question was, what to do with a battered 12 year old MPV?

I came across a website for and we are both very impressed by it - so much so that we are going to give them our old MPV They will collect it and either auction or scrap it and the proceeds (less the 25% they charge for their costs) will go to a charity of our choice. We have picked Help for Heroes.

I am so pleased to be able to make productive use of something which has very little value and which will be environmentally friendly AND help a charity.

glammanana Thu 09-Aug-12 07:16:30

What a really good idea and a way to help others either a family who can make good use of a MPV if it goes to auction or the proceeds to such a good charity,it would be good if it was nationwide wouldn't it ?

Maniac Thu 09-Aug-12 09:45:22

What a good idea (or ideal as they say in Bristol).
My R reg VW Polo is probably not worth much more than the cost of the insurance so I'll certainly bear that in mind when I get rid of it.

nanaej Thu 09-Aug-12 10:06:31

Good scheme! Still need two cars at the moment as our work means we have to drive between schools but when work dries up will certainly look at this as an option!

Gagagran Thu 09-Aug-12 11:17:50

It is nationwide glamma - have a luck at their website - it is most interesting!

gracesmum Thu 09-Aug-12 11:56:08

Excellent scheme.
Did anybody take advantage of the governemt scrappage scheme a few years ago? My sis-IL did, getting what ever it was (£1000???) for a 24 year-old Citroen Visa to help her to buy a new Panda. Good timing.

glammanana Thu 09-Aug-12 12:21:08

Thanks for that gaga will make a note of it DS1 has a banger that he loves but I think it is coming to the end of it's life span will be very surprised if it lives much longer.

Gagagran Wed 03-Oct-12 08:16:17

Just to report back that our old car, which we donated to was collected,and went to auction and today we got a cheque for £320.25! The other half of the proceeds has gone to our chosen charity "Help for Heroes".

I can heartily recommend this project. It was all very easy to arrange in a phone call, there is no hassle and the chosen charity benefits.

Do have a look at the web site if you are wondering about disposing of an old car. They even take old bangers for scrap!

JessM Wed 03-Oct-12 08:22:37

If only my next door neighbour would go for it! But he seems to have disappeared back to Nigeria again leaving family and the 2 dead cars behind.
I remember listening to him negotiate over the demise of the last dead car - it was an impressive performance extracting every last quid out of a wreck , but he never did get the engine removed. hey ho.
(I was sitting in the garden listening in case you are wondering!)
If i ever wanted to sell the house I would have to make him an offer and then get get beaten up to about twice their value, and pay for the disposal!
But there you are, I choose not to get irritated and be mildly entertained instead. smile