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Working for peace in Pakistan and Afghanistan

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Mishap Wed 31-Oct-12 14:13:30

I have just read Three Cups of Tea ( which is the story of Greg Mortenson, an American who builds schools (particularly for girls) as a means of promoting peace through education. Interesting read and worthwhile cause.

grannyactivist Wed 31-Oct-12 14:44:30

It's a wonderful book Mishap, but sadly all is not as it seems.
As it happens I received my Afghanaid newsletter today so I'm putting the link here for anyone who's interested.
I have met many Afghans and the ones I know are delightful, but have all suffered dreadfully in one way or another. The life chances for them in their own country are very limited at the moment, but with good educational opportunities in this country and the will to make a difference they can achieve great things in the future for Afghanistan I believe.

Mishap Wed 31-Oct-12 15:04:34

How very interesting!! I had already clocked the inaccuracy at the beginning when he said that he was saved by the people in the village of Korphe, but somehow in between he had been for a slap-up dinner with some compatriots. Sad all this really - as the principle of his argument is a good one.