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DAWNING a poetry book

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Bambi Fri 20-Dec-13 12:02:36

This year I wrote a poetry book having never tried to write poetry before. I had it printed myself and am giving all profit of this edition to CHILDREN1st, a charity that helps children and families with their problems. To date I have sold 130 books to family and friends.
Many have written to me to thank me as they enjoyed it so much, finding it funny, thought provoking and helpful.
I don't know how to proceed with it, but feel sure that anyone of my generation (ie in their sixties) could relate to what I write, although I have been told it has been enjoyed by three generations in the one family.
If you would like a copy, send me your address and a cheque made payable to Children 1st, for £5.

The registered charity number is - SCO16092

For my address please contact me by e mail